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June 13, 2006


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Honey, I already think that you're a great wife, the best I could ever hope for.

By the way, does that earn me anymore interest in the "account"?

You're too hard on yourself. You're just natural around Luke, just like you should be! It's okay to ask for Wal-Mart runs and foot massages, you're there for each other. ;) Although I must say, enjoy the foot massages now while they're still coming. Dan stopped answering to my rubbing requests some time ago! ;) Live it up sista.

Awww. Luke thinks you're a great wife, and that's all that matters. I usually turn up my nose at relationship advice books, but I like the financial checks and balances metaphor you described. Sometimes I think I'm "overdrawn" too.

Frema...what a beautiful post.

And as lucky as we are for having such wonderful husbands, we can't forget that they are lucky to have us.

Marriage = a great thing

(you rock for reading books on marriage.)

FREMA! Don't be so hard on yourself! Luke knew you were going to be a good wife or he wouldn't have married you.

I'm sure that everything will fall into place. Rome wasn't built in a day.

By the way, thanks for reading (and getting through) my last post. You write more engagingly than I do and I take that as a great compliment.

I must remember that it is O.K. to be dull when writing for other nerds, but not when writing for people who have opinions that actually matter.

That is the sweetest thing. Also, my husband isn't allowed to even breathe on me in bed. So, you're a pretty great wife yourself! LOL

That was so sweet. Marriage is hard and definitly has to be "worked on." You rock for acknowledging that from the jump. Thanks for sharing.

I see a solid foundation that is already in place in your relationship. As it builds, it will continue to be strong as long as both of you put the pieces in the right places together.

Samantha is right. You are too hard on yourself. If you are half as great a wife as you are a friend, I'm sure you have a very happy husband.

Also, thanks for reminding me to be a little nicer to my great guy as well.


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