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June 27, 2006


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Frema, I've been here 10 years and I still can't say I have a friend to do "Girl Stuff" with! Come to think of it, with friends I've had for 38 years...(yes, I'm old!) haven't been shopping together since our high school days!!!It's all okay!!!

So. I don't know anything about Claire Danes during her Angela Chase days, but I'm great at waxing nostalgic for the old days, which included reading bedtime stories with my best college roommate ever and watching Father of the Bride and other such classics until the tape disintigrated. Also, had that non-calling boyfriend crap too. I would love to go to Target in track pants (sleep pants, if you're not particular) and look for eye base, if you don't mind taking a stroll down the diaper aisle first.

Let's meet in the middle.

Actually, I will come to you. You have a SuperTarget.

Yup, once again, I hear ya on this one! A few months ago, we moved an hour away from everyone - friends, family, my favorite local Indian man at the DB Mart down the streeet (who seriously I teared up - TEARED UP! - when I realized he would no longer be personally selecting the most lucky scratch tickets for me or making sure my Snapple hadn't yet expired)- and I have no girl friends to do anything with. And as much as Jay loves me, I don't think he could live through another trip to the nail salon...

I feel ya! It's hard to find friends as an "adult" because everyone's lifestyles are so different. It's hard to find someone to be compatible with. I live in a neighborhood where I don't fit in at all. My only close friends are my relatives. And I've lived in the same city my entire life! Pathetic, isn't it?

I, too, need a Harry Potter friend because talking to my husband about it just frusterates me.

I wish we lived closer! I know exactly what you mean. I've been in Austin for two years and I'm just now starting to make a couple of friends---just in time for me to leave! Gah!

And I understand about all those good intentions never going anywhere. I've come to a conclusion this past week: Television is the devil. I get so much less done now that I have a TV---with cable, no less. I'm even less inclined to leave the house than I normally would be.

I always thought it was Wendy, too! This is a troubling discovery for me.

While I've always thought it was "Windy," I will readily concede that is a totally stupid name for a woman in a song.

Frema, let's be friends. I love fountain drinks. As in...LOVE them. And could probably talk about Harry Potter for hours. And I KNOW I could spend hours in Target.

(But seriously, I hear you on the trouble with finding friends. I was just talking to my Mom about this today on the phone-whilst pumping at work. I told her that if it weren't for people I met at Church, I wouldn't have friends out here. I love my Church.)

When you find the recipes you speak of...please share.

Hmmm, where do I start.
I never even thought about it being "Wendy" until you said that. And what STTO do you have? I don't remember that song. The one I have has "Rebel" (He's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good....)

If you find healthy, 8-minute recipes PLEASE share. But it doesn't sound like you are having any luck. Same thing happens to me when I try to find them. Where are they!!??

So, I don't match your ad as well as I thought I might. For one, I live in TN. BAH! And I know nothing about Harry Potter or 24 or the Nancy Drew Files or Tori Amos's music. Wait, it gets worse...and I don't like Twizzlers or Orange Crush.
BUT, I do lurve me some Target and fountain drinks (or sodas as you call them). And dude, Angela Chase and Jordan Catelano and Ray-ann (b/c I have no clue how to spell it) and Ricky....DUDE!
As you can see, I can hold my own in the 'talking your ear off' category.

Ahh, The Association, that brings back memories. Maybe "Everyone knows its Windy," but everyone thinks its Wendy. Another Association great is "Cherish."

Don't worry, you will find some girlfreinds. With planning a wedding, it was probably kinda difficult to seek "girlfriends". Don't rush-they are few and far between.

I like your personal ad. If I was closer, I'd respond. Although I would have to listen to Tori Amos's albums to play catch up!

South Beach Diet cook book has recipies that can be put together quickly. Also a side benefit is the wieght loss. Your Grandfather lost 26 lbs over a year ago and never gained any of it back. Then again I am still using the recipies in the book. Side note your Grandfather is now a avid reader. He says you are waisting your time doing anything else but writing.

OK, so does it make me a nerd that I'm sort of responding to your personal ad?? :) I don't know though, I don't really have enough hair to blow out and I missed 24 - all of the seasons! But I have experienced many bad haircuts and Tori Amos has gotten me through quite a few life altering events! :) Come by my blog - we can be same city Internet friends!

Yes, there are not as many friends as there is on that TV show. However, when no one showed up to play golf at 3:00 PM. That is a great time because the league play doesn't start until 4:00 PM. I know that the one playing friend was probably sick. I just thought the other guy would be there. BUT, it was a really nice day to be out on the green grass. And, I needed a birdie for a 46 (There is only time for nine holes.) ... there was not enough in the bank.

If only I lived closer, I would be so there! (Well, naturally I would be "there" but ... oh, you know what I mean.)

P.S. Why does everyone have a Super Target but meeeee?

You got me smilin' Frema... lookin' forward to a chat on the phone... howabout it?

Totally relate to your situation. I complain to my husband all the time about not having same city friends. I match some of your criteria--love Tori Amos, Harry Potter, and fountain drinks--but live three hours away from Indy.
P.S. I was the anonymous poster that told you that you didn't need a blood test to get your marriage license.

You are such a GREAT catch. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment. I love you and hope you meet more girls out there soon. Are there any kind of reading clubs or walking groups you've heard of? That might be a fun way to meet people. ;) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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