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June 05, 2006


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Holy crap. I knew you're were staying quiet over here for a reason... you and the Mr. are are busy trying to make a baby Frema.

Congrats, congrats!

Congrats! So many wonderful things!

Ha!! Great entry!! Your dad looks awesome on his new bike. You aren't kidding with all of the change going on!

Just a little fyi, I never stopped coloring my hair. I did it through both pregnancies. Sure, they twitch a little, but other than that they are just fine.

Really, congrats on everything...to everyone!

Edited to add: my word verification answers the burning questions to your religion crisis, and I thought I would share the answer with you: bqakr. Be a Quaker. The end.

Wow, there's changes all around in your neck of the woods. How cute is your dad on his new toy?

As you know, DH and I are also trying to make a little person as well, and, since I like to be prepared, I have been reading pregnancy books like they're going out of style (yes, I'm weird.)

There really is no need to stop coloring your hair if you don't want to--all the books say it's perfectly fine!

Good luck!!!

Bleaching your hair during pregnancy is not a good idea but regular dying is fine. Just sometimes when a women is pregnant the hair won't take to color, so you go and color your hair and look pretty during your pregnancy.

Dad is the cutest! ;)

Your dad sports his new ride well.

I'm not religious and I don't want to ahve kids, and I'm not sure I want to be amrried, but I love reading about all such things in your blog. Your life makes me so very happy. Thank you.

Bre, Tell your dad to wear a helmet!!! I'm sure he would like to enjoy his new-found freedom! (that goes for your mom too!) Hey, my letters are a sign too, why are you coo-coo (yrquq)!!!

Thanks for the Happy Birthday.
Your dad just cracks me up.
my word verification is burp ryc

You must burp those babies

Thanks for reading my blog. You are right. Being out of the loop for a while I was expereincing selective amnesia. I had forgotten how quickly things can become distorted and what it is like to be caught off guard.

Your dad is pretty cute. :)

I loved it when my dad bought a motorcycle... it's so much fun to ride on the back on a nice day. It feels so free!

dear daughter, i am at the firehouse showing the guys your blog. they are making fun of my chicken legs. I dont care because i look good on the motorcycle. love dad

First of all, how cute is my dad for commenting on this entry? This is the first time he's ever left a comment, people. This is huge.

Second, how dorky am I for copying the comment, which was originally posted on Luke's honeymoon entry, and pasting it here?

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