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July 28, 2006


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I left Blogger over a year ago for the same reason - it's SUCH A WHINER!!! And it hardly ever works the way it ought to, from deleting posts to not allowing people to comment to just basically SUCKING. Seriously, get a website for yourself, they're fairly inexpensive (especially if you pay by the month) and then you can have a customized URL!!

Just make sure to tell us if you switch.

Actually, I think I intervened when you almost mixed up the measurements of 1/3 cup of sugar with the 1 cup of corn syrup.

And the reason you use dry and liquid measuring cups is for accuracy, not necessarily for a difference in amounts. At least as far as I know.

I use the same measuring cup for everything. I never have a problem and if I may say so myself, I am a pretty darn good baker!

I've been thinking about breaking up with Blogger, too. It really, really annoys me. Like Ross on Friends.

I can't wait to see the picture! ;) Sounds like you are a little miss Betty Crocker! ;) I love you.

I'm going to be left alone in the uncool Blogger world because I'm too technologically impaired to get my own URL. Sniff, sniff.

I've never understood why there are different measuring cups for solids and liquids. I think the ones for solids are easier to use because you have a cup for each measurement. Just fill the cup full, right, whereas with most liquid measuring cups, you have to go by the lines in the cup. It is very difficult to interpret when the liquid is level with the appropriate line. Yep, I think I'm right on this one :)

I'm glad your road trip went well. Cars are weird places to be with people you don't really know.

The size of dry measure to wet measure is different because of the density differences of liquids and solids. In general, solids would be more dense than liquids. Since density is the mass to volume ratio, the liquid has part of its volume taken up by some solvent. (Many times, I am assuming it is a mixture.) Thereby, to get enough of the good stuff (solute), a larger volume is required. While this is not 100% true for all possible cases, it sounds like it would be the case about 8 out of 10 times.

Oh no, the Physics Teacher of the Year strikes again. Although when cooking his famous Zucchini Pie, Daddy D always asks which cup to use for the flour.

An easy way to remember, which cup to use for liquids, is that the liquid measuring cup has a handy pour-spout-thingy. The dry measuring cup lacks this handy extension.

My body's too fremalicious for you babe. And then, I had this thought also. Hmmm, you get a little corner of the internet, and then you have to do something with it. Like, write code, or do something that involves colors. EEK!

You are that cool though. ;0)

Hey, Bree - nothing since Thursday? I'm missing you...;)

I can't believe you didn't like fremazing.com. I just checked, and it's open. So is frematastic.com.

But as undountedly you know, frema.com is taken.

Es kommt nicht darauf an, wie viele Ideen Sie haben, sondern wie viele Sie tatsächlich verwirklichen.
Ganz egal, ob die Idee von uns oder von Ihnen kommt - Frema Group hilft Ihnen, Innovationen in Resultate zu verwandeln.

What? There is a solids/liquid measuring cup?

(I knew this, but didn't really know it mattered. I suck!)

Yes, Blogger is sucking. You must come up with an awesome domain name. Maybe www.lancebassisgay?.com

I love it.

Do I date check out www.frema.com, or is it porn?

What about something super cute like www.iloveluke.com or www.callmemrsluke.com?

or www.talkdirtytome.com

(I need to stop. NOW!)

I want me some fremalicious!
Boonesfarm! HA! There's a blast from the past.
And OMG Frema, if you didn't have a piece of my heart before, you definitely do now b/c I always loved the peanut butter Rice Crispy treats they had at my high school but never knew how to make them. My sister loved them too and we always talk about finding a recipe. Her b-day is in two weeks. I'm going to make them and surprise her. I'm so pumped!

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