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July 13, 2006


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Two things:

Thing 1: I finally gave up on controlling the Mass o' Breakouts that is my face and went to a dermatologist. I now have prescription stuff, and it does appear to be helping. If your insurance will cover it? It might be worth looking into, even if you don't think it's quite THAT bad. Time to unleash that can of whoop-ass, yo.

Thing 2: "Fremanitis" sounds like some sort of weird disease, so I was sort of against it. Until I read this tag line: Just what the doctor ordered...for YOUR MOM. Because Lord knows I love a good mom joke. Because I'm TWELVE. Apparently.

Thing 2.5: I almost posted this on the wrong entry. Because I am a GENIUS. However, I'm sort of glad I did, because I know realize it was YOU that put the idea of spinach dip in my head. I couldn't figure it out, and it was making me nutty. Mystery solved, now I am free to move about the cabin. Thanks. (Also, I obtained said spinach dip yesterday for dinner at Friday's, and it was GOOD.)

Can I just say for a freakin minute, that I just woke up from near death (or what some sleep regulars like to call, Rem sleep) and I thought, before I go to bed at this early early hour of 11pm, I should see if my friend Frema has something to say. And then I read your blog and laughed and laughed and pissed my pants. Thanks. Now I'm off to bed. (J. Lo, white bread. Ha! I know you're just Frema from the block.) (And, any joke that includes YOUR MOM is hysterical. I don't care who the hell's mom it is.)

No need to apologize for music. I actually saw Bruce Hornsby perform in his stint with the Greatful Dead in the summer of 1992 at Soldier Field. He seemed to fit right in with the Boyz.

Everyone has a musical act that people give them shit for liking. For me, it is Ted Nugent. Yep, the Motor City Madman, Sweaty Teddy.

For the "rebranding," I am a big fan of "at least it's not syphilis."

So now I'm going to have the NKOTB song in my head all day. Well I'll be going back and forth with that song and JT's song. I must point out though that when the guys say "Can I leave with you?" it's not "with you" it's "wi-chu." I feel like I should tell them bless you instead of answering "I don't know what I'm thinkin' bout."

You know, Fremanitis.com almost reads like Fremantis.com, and in that case you should have Zorak as your blog's mascot.

I love LOVE LOVE your Frema alias. Always have ... frema.tv is available. GOD I'm turning green.

You get that Typepad/Wordpress thingamajig... you're EOM ya' know.

"Frema" is jaunty. And you know I LOVE the word "januty". My husband keeps telling me it isn't a word. Oh, he is lame.

I use wordpress. And know nothing about it. And apparently my site is lame looking. So don't listen to anything I have to say about blogging. Oh, and I still have a hard time posting pictures. Except instead free blogger.com to bitch about, I have to pay $12 a month to do it.

I love Nick Hornby. Have you read "About a Boy"? So good.

And I love music also. And I love Justin Timberlake. Right now I am listening to a German kid's CD. All in German. Babboo seems to like it. The King says the songs are goofy. Stuff about saying good buy at the ocean.

Or something.

I need to stop typing.

Righ now.

(Happy 2 month anniversary!)

Wow, I was (kind of) joking about the whole "Fremanitis" thing, but now you people have me thinking this over!

And anyway, Luke doesn't like the NAME of the site, not the site's url. There are no problems with Frema. He likes Frema. At least, that's what I tell myself before I go to sleep at night.

NOW what do you think? Is "What're you lookin' at?" as hip as I make it out to be?

1st, Chris and I often utter the words "We are so glad we don't have kids right now!"...of course we don't know when we will actually want to....

2nd, go with Wordpress! Super easy to use, if you want to tour it I can set up a username and password to my site to play around with it.

I second the like to "at least it's not syphilis!". Funny.

I have a wordpress, but the free one. It's so much easier to use than blogger. No typing all that html into the template to add links. (wordpress.com, instead of wordpress.org).

Oh I loved those New Kids on the Block, but I had to pretend I didn't because the kids on the bus used to chant "New Kids suck," all the way to school (even though they all secretly loved them, too)! I loved Joey, and we all made fun of Donny because there was a rumor that his butt was pierced. I still wonder about that butt piercing...

I'm a closet Justin fan, too. Sometimes I listen to 'Cry me a River' when I'm alone at work, and I dance the most fabulous hip-hop number in my head.

I recommend a prescription called Evolcin for break-outs. My insurance doesn't cover it, but I pay $15, and it usually lasts me 2-3 months. It saved my life. Proactive didn't, and P.Diddy is suing Proactive because it didn't clear up his skin either (hmmm...guess he should have thought of that *before* he allowed them to show his testimonial in the infomercial). But all skin is different so you never know. I know a few people who swear by Proactive.

And finally (sorry this is getting so long)I'm totally digging "At least it's not syphilis."

I think you are still okay to use Proactiv. Target as well as Walgreens, Costco and most other discount stores carry something I think called Acne Free.

I guess what I was getting at with such a kickin' name like frema you can approach it like dooce does. Her name is the name of her site, then, she does a sub-title or saying for each month. I like that approach.

And, really, I think you've have food on your face for long enough.

:-) I am so excited for you if you are able $wing this investment in your creative writing!

Sweet. I just found you through Amalah.

Anything containing a mom joke or syphilis is funny, and hilarious if they coincide.

Haven't read enough to see if you solved the denomination problem yet for the mythical children. Our mythical children are in some deep-doo doo since I'm strict and devout protestant and he's Muslim. Whoops.

Oooh Frema. You said "skin" and also "Typepad". And that got me all excited since I OBSESS over both.

My advice: Proactiv rocks. Give it a full month. And so does Typepad - results are immediate ;)

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