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July 26, 2006


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Being one who is "socially awkward," I have no advice to lend you on icebreaking in the presence of co-workers, but I think cup cakes are great, and I wish you luck with your trip!

Talk about his car - the color, the seats, the radio, whatever... men are all into that stuff :D I'm sure he'll be able to think of something quasi-intelligent to say from there. Worst case scenario, you could always gossip about work together?

And, in case he's NOT a huge talker, bring a book and if the conversation doesn't seem to be going anywhere just say "you don't mind if I read, do you?" and then you're set. Nothing worse than getting stuck in hours and hours of awkward silence.

(I've been lurking for four posts now, by the way, but I can't remember how I found your site.)

Man, I have no advice for the car trip. Bring a book, so if he's not feeling chatty you can just read and there won't be any pressure or weird silences? Perhaps also CDs or some such. Cupcakes are always good.

And not to make this all about me, but what are the odds you could let me know where your hair goddess works? I'm still looking for one around here....

you know......."fremalicious.com" is open.....i say go for it!

let us know how the trip went

How about, "Don't you just love puppies?" Or, "Have you ever visited Sequoia National Forest? Aren't the redwoods magnificent?" Listen closely to his answer to this one, "Smokey the Bear is my hero. Who is yours?" Perhaps, "Do you have a light?", would fuel just your fears...so to speak.

Dude, it's sounds like you found someone to do your hair. Someone that is actually close. YAY!!!!

Now nice, a chemistry trip. Super fun. As far burning material, remember liquids and solids don't burn. They need to be vaporizied first. Only gases burn. The most important chemical for life is probably water. The human body is about 65-70% by weight water. You could also say those same %'s by mass, since mass is directly related to weight by the constant of gravity's acceleration.(9.8m/(sxs))

Have a fine trip.

I hope all went well with the drive today. And I also hope you had the decency to hang your head out of the car window for a moment to yell "Holla!" at me as you passed my neck of the (hood.) Do tell how you passed the time.

And I love Phil's idea up there. My body's too Fremalicious for you babe.

But it turned out fine, and you even got to stop for some DQ.

I hope it went okay, I'll find out in your next entry. I'm assuming there was no stop home then.

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