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July 24, 2006


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Yeah you! Congrats on hitting the Y so often this week. Sounds like fun.

That's a great picture of Dan & Samantha. I hope you guys had a great time.

We will catch up soooooooon!


Keep up the good work but the head of our Y and another devoted person who worked out daily, both died suddenly....not to mention Yul Gibbons. Is that his name? The guy who only ate natural foods.

Not for nothin, but those large, heavy drinking, smoking, dessert eating folks seem to be around forever. LOL

That's great, Bree. Good luck!!

PS - Didn't Karin ever get mad when you were jumping around to Richard Simmons in the apartment above her? The floors in that place are sooo old and creaky!

Sister, we are way better than "fine."
That's fabulous that you and Luke are going together. I'll make is much easier.
Oh, and when you do ROCK that bikini, you know we are going to need pictures. Right?

Down with the pooch!

Wish I had something more inspirational to say, but that's all I can come up with right now.

Great work. Upper body one day and lower body the next day. That will produce results. However, don't think that a day off every now and then will hurt your progress. Rest is needed for growth. Keep up the good work.

Great to hear...keep it up!

I too have a B-gut. It runs in the family. Good for you, trying to get in shape. I wish I could commit to exercising.

tummy is a bad word for me, good luck

Frema... congrats. Weight and ones physique is such a personal issue.

And if you want more from yourself, I have NO DOUBT you'll do it because you're one determined lady ... as I've experienced personally. :-)

Good luck! Sounds like you're well on your way...

You know I love the wedding book post. I had to reread it and look at the pictures AGAIN. LOVE IT!

Good for you for being so motivated. I'm sure it will be much easier with Luke by your side at the Y.

And girl, you always have to OWN it. That's what puts the extra "T" in HOTT!

You're so right Frema: it's a process. Life weighs on us...get it? ;)

Good for you for joining a gym! And...pst!...try hoodia. It's been 5 days and I've lost 3 pounds. Yay!

We've been to the Y several times now, and so far I have yet to hear anyone sing the Village People song. But I have to imagine that people who work there hate it.

I love you Breain and I'm proud of you! ;) I am SOOO sorry I have been such a slacker...my computer is fixed but I have not been on the computer nevertheless.

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