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July 19, 2006


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That was beautiful! I can only hope that when (or by the time...) I graduate that I will be able to learn all you have & appreciate it in the manner in which you do!!

I hear ya Frema! Life is too short to live it without a Bloomin' Onion every once in awhile!

Oh Frema, you crack me up! Every post is so serious, so thought out, so from your heart, so eye opening. And then you throw that last sentence in and I just lose it. Heck yeah that's why you have insurance. Eat that Bloomin' Onion up! I'm personally a fan of the cheese fries.

We're in the process of cutting back those things that aren't necessary. I love that you have such a great outlook on this. But now, I'm really craving a Bloomin' Onion!

Nine Steps to Financial freedom is a great way to begin your money managment goals. I read and worked the program going on 7 years now. It works great, however I was sick of trying to live within my means and decided to bring my means within how I wanted to live. ( I am doing that) You will have many opportunities to make or break the bank. You are both young enough to not have to worry about being and staying broke. Now is the time to go after your dreams. Luke not taking a job that in the long run would not benefit you both is a good but hard choice. When Allah wills it you will have what you want and need.

I fully support your Bloomin' Onion theory. Cody and I are famous for overcelebrating by going out to eat night after night.

What's that honey?? You shaved your legs today? We better go get a burger to celebrate!!

Good for you!

You are so right, about everything. (Haven't you always wanted someone to verify that?) You guys are doing great. It's so wonderful that you have this figured out...I wish I could learn it as I flounder around.

You guys are an awesome couple, and I have no doubt that things are going to work out perfectly for you in time.

Geez how many times can I say "you guys" in a comment? (Yous guys. Da Bears!) :0)

I love how you told me you were going to blog about YMCA, but really it was so much more than that.

I just nodded my head as I read this post. You did such a great job at writing it. This may be one of my faves (except for the one where you posted the picture of your wedding book where you had written your name in the wrong place...CLASSIC).

Anyway, being an adult and having to pay the bills sucks. But it's life. I'm so happy that you and Luke have each other and that you support each other and want the best for each other. That, my friend, is what marriage is about.

Good luck to you both!

(Oh, and can I add that Babboo hasn't cost us much money at all. You'd be surprised at the amount of gifts people, like you, give. Daycare is the only thing that is going to cost us!! What I'm saying is....get on the baby-making!!)

My husband and I so feel you on this one. It's tough to walk away from an offer, but if it's not what you want and what will make you happy, well, how long would you last there anyway? Plus, ya'll aren't starving or suffering as a result.

Good luck with the baby making stuffs. We (I mean ME) are in the "I WANT a baby, but I WANT to lose weight and I WANT more in savings, and I WANT IT ALL AT ONCE." Sheesh, it's not like I'm asking for money to grow on trees.

*Oh yeah. Hi! I'm new (well more like a lurker) to your site, and love it!*

Frema - There's a lot personal growth here. Congrats and how cool that you and Luke (continue to) do it together.

Um - Excellent comment. That's the one issue I have with Suze and it looks like you came up with a terrific answer... figure out a way (although it may take some time) to have you means meet the way you want to live.

And Daddy D and I are so thankful that you share each day of your life with the man you call your husband.


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