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August 17, 2006


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Glad you had a great time camping - I haven't been in years, so it was nice to live it through you vicariously... though next time you should bring some chestnuts and keep them in your tent (just loose on the floor or in the corners) 'cause they ward off spiders. I'm not even kidding, they work so great! Then you'd be able to go to the port-a-potty in peace.

I've already said congrats to Luke on his blog, but congrats to you, too, because you're 'one' with him now and you worked hard to help him get the new and wonderful job.

Clearly, you both rule muchly.

Everything is together. The both of you have a wonderful life. The new job will only addd to the quality of life. I am impressed with 420 pages of reading in a short time frame. Wow. I thought that my biggest effort to date (216 pages) was good.

I'm not big on camping. You were defnitely brave. The weather was definitely perfect!

Congrats to Luke!

Congrats, Luke!

CONGRATULATIONS LUKE!!! That is really great and exciting news for the two of you!!

Eeeeew, spiders! I wouldn't have been able to sleep either.
Congratulations to Luke! That's wonderful news.
And that book, I need to check it out. Seriously. Thanks for the suggestion.

Again, a big huge congrats. You guys deserve it.

That last picture of you two is adorable.

And finally, I have a few books for you if you'll trade me the Supersize book?

Wonderful news! I know from experience how much the unemployment of one's spouse totally sucks ass. Congrats to both of you!

Yay yay yay!!! Congrats, and really, can you guys get any cuter?

See you manana!

Christopher Pike! I remember some of those. What was that series of three that he wrote... Final Friends? (I have no idea where I pulled that from...)

I believe that Not Without My Daughter was made into a movie about 10 years ago, starring Sally Field. Very good movie.

Gosh, look at your cute curls! I would only hope mine could aspire to as cute as yours.
Glad you had fun camping. And that the weather was nice. We went camping in September once: COLD! at night. Also with the spiders: ick!

What a great post! I love your description of the spider. ;) Anywho, glad to hear you're reading more and that you finished one of my favorite books! ;)

You and Luke are the cutest couple! Awwwww! Congrats on the new job.

Very good quote by Lost a Sock.

Since you read the book Not without my daughter perhaps Samantha will lend you the book The Kite Runner. God willing if you have a son someday, spiders will be the least of your fears. They have a tendency to bring in and share with you every creepy crawly thing they find. Ugh!!!

Congrats to Luke on the new job! Although I'm too much of a wussy city girl to actually go camping, it sounds like it was fun.

Also, please feel free to write more shoe posts, so I can live vicariously through pictures of your collection.

GIRL! You have some hair! I absolutely love your curls! I'm very very envious.

That is such awesome news. Congratulations! And? You have the world's cutest hair. All windswept and adorable... does it totally sound like I'm hitting on you? Sorry.

Anyways, congrats!!

Lost a Sock is one smart lady. If we all spent more time paying it forward instead of paying someone back, the world would be a better place. Knowing the two of you, you will continue to share as you have in the past.

The picture of you and Luke is especially nice; you both look so happy.

love the picture of the two of you...you look so happy and blissed out! don't ever let that go!
congratultions to luke, well earned, i'm sure.
and i'm with you on the spiders. i love to camp, but i DO NOT love the critters. things that go rustle in the night leave me feeling angsty and twitchy!

I wish I could get all my Christopher Pike books back. Chain Letter was AWESOME and the true root of I Know What You Did Last Summer. His books ruled.

GREAT POST. Too much good stuff to comment on.

(Sorry I haven't visited for a while. Stupid work and their stupid "no internet" rules.)

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