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August 09, 2006


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Okay, I've only read like the first couple of sentences but seriously, you are being harassed about the size of YOUR show collection?

What fools these mortals be.

And Frema, my friend? Your shoe collection ain't got NOTHING on mine.



A girl's shoe number is quite possibly more sacred that her "number number"...

I agree with Britt's post on "flip flops not being 'shoes'". It's true, they can't be considered shoes when you doing a shoe collection because they are cheap and mainly worn for convinience and/or comfort. That's like counting slippers as shoes, it's just not possible.

I have to say... I'm very impressed by the number of flip flops you own. I guess I'm a little late in outgrowing my infatuation with them... if I ever did an exercise like this, flip flops would most definitely consume the bulk of the story. They were acceptable and even desirable as a college student, but you're right:

working in an office "justifies - no, necessitates" pointed heels.

My ankles, toes, and I shall be sad to see the new installment of footwear, but I suppose it's time to grow up.

I've really enjoyed reading about your shoes - what a cute idea for a post :)

I am seriously, SERIOUSLY digging all of the shoe pictures. It feeds my shoe appetite without sucking my bank account dry!

I may just steal the idea someday in the not too distant future...

Also, I adore the sexy cocktail dress shoes--definitely worth the difficulties walking in my opinion.

Hey! While I can't say that I regret their untimely departure, I do honestly regret the way in which the "Zsa Zsas" left this world.

Love the shoes!!!

My mind is so boggled at the sheer quantity of shoes that I cannot think of an intelligent comment. I apologize!

I find this absolutely hilarious, but Nine West pair 3 of 4 - I so totally own the SAME EXACT pair and wear them ALL the time and always receive compliments when I do. This is fabulous! I'll say it again like I've said before - we great minds truly think (and shop) alike!

If the shoes in picture number five come up missing, it wasn't me.

Or was it?

And if by chance pic #2 shoes come up missing, uuummmm, Lost A Sock took those too. Yeah, she did it! And therefore needs to be taken out back and poked in the belly button. (Can I please steal that phrase if I promise to give you credit every time I say it b/c seriously that cracked me up.)
Oh, and who the hell is talking about too many shoes? Going to investigate....will be back.

Baby, you've got great shoes. I especially love your boots. Yes, I love them so much.

I love the Nine Wests. If my husband were reading this post, he would be saying "why in the world does one person need so many black shoes?" And I would be saying, in your and my defense "well, duh, these are for pants, these are dressy for summer, these are dressy for winter, these have lower heels for work, etc!" Men! They just do not get it.

Love your shoes. They are all so stylish and (for the most part) versatile.

In the format of an equation : [ 3 loafers w/o pennies + 1 sandals + 8 leathers that require polishing + 2 golf + 2 work boots + 1 pair flip-flops + 1 gym + 3 jogging + 2 NB walking + 5 jogging - 5 jogging ] = 23

Those last five just left the house for the brown Waste Management container out back of the house. Hence, the total is a net 23. It could be 23 + 0, but the zero is not much of any thing. Total = 23.

I love the term, Zsa Zsas. The fact that your mom made up that moniker makes it even better. At your wedding, I heard your mom and sisters call those glittery slides, Zsa Zsas. What a perfect name for such fun shoes.

I love your wedges, fundraiser and night life shoes!! Of course the Zsa Zsa's are numero uno, minus the tape!! I really do wish we wore the same shoe size!! :)

Shoe posts are just so much fun! I had a really REALLY hard time narrowing down my shoe blog selection to my usual comfort-over-style rotation.
Also? I LOVE those black Mary Janes. LOVE!

Hail the Three Dollar Shoes!!

And those boots are super sexy. Raaar!

Luke's Aunt Shirley signs her e-mail messages with this thoughtful quote.
" The right pair of shoes can change your life." Cinderella

OK, Frema... my shoes and my relationship with them is so dysfuntional and if faced with task of actually looking at and photographing my shoes... I think over half would be gifts my sister who has a whole 'nother problem with shoes. Apprarently.

Fun posts and really... add the costs of all your shoes and they still wouldn't cost for a pair of Prada.

Although, you do own Prada.


Another fun entry!!!

Love the shoes! I'm blog hopping tonight, thanks for a giggle!

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