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August 02, 2006


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Two things:

1. That first black pair is da bomb.

2. You. crack. me. up!

I have that same brown chunky heeled pair from Payless and I LOVE them. They always look nice paired with some bootcut jeans.

Oh, I loooove that second pair, though for some reason I probably would be hesitant to buy them. I'm kind of a shoe wuss. Can't wait for the second installment!

The tweedy ones? LOVE. And also hate. Because I spent $90 on a pair almost identical at Dillards last fall.

I wear them with a black pencil skirt...just a suggestion...

Am now also considering doing shoe post but probably just one mass picture as eventually I will need to feed my husband, get some sleep, and turn 40.

$80 slacks? Dude...I can't get past that part.

And I love "making love to the pavement..." AWESOME.

I heart your shoes from Nine West. So much.

(and I'm still loving the shoe posts. Thanks for jumping on the band wagon!)

You're so funny! I can't wait for part the second. Woohoo!

I literally lost sleep over whether I should do the shoe post or not. Hmmm....It looks fun, but are my shoes even worthy??? I'll have to think about it some more.

I love the third pair. Actually, I have a skirt that would look great with them! Maybe you could aim for building a National Outfit, starting with the shoes-- have people send pieces from all over the country to make a complete, coordinated ensemble. ;)

I'm lovin the shoes! The first two especially. And what is up with sweat stains on nice flip-flops? Mine look like that too.
Thankfully, I do not have to pee, otherwise I probably would wet myself: something good, from Fashion Bug? I can hardly wait.

Cute shoes! I went shoe shopping last week for the first time in more than a year. But I have an entire closet of shoes---two boxes worth---that I never wear but refuse to get rid of.

I knew the f-me boot comment would come back to haunt me! :-)

Fun entry, Frema!

Frema, your taste in shoes is, for lack of a better phrase, "Hot!" I can't wait to see more! Also, I have a new blogger site (I know you hate it but I'm not good with keeping up 2 sites at once!)

It's http://blog.myspace.com/yerga

Shoes are just like tools. The more the better. However, there does come a time that one should reduce the number of pairs in stock in one's personal space. Also,there needs to be a time of getting a brand new pair to feel right and their leaving the store.

I always say if you have not wore them in one year, it is time to let go. love you

after reading all your comments, maybe you should have a shoe auction? extra money

I love these shoe posts...too much fun. And I love those tweedy heels. I would have covet(ed?) them, too. Then spent months imagining scenarios in which I'd wear them. Drawing a complete blank each time.
Considering I wear Crocs or Danskos almost every single day, my love affair with a pretty heel continues to amaze me.

Do you have red shoes? I like red shoes. Although they are impractical and match nothing in most wardrobes, the most fun footware is red.

Girl, you are so fremalicious! Your shoe post was fabulous and I also can't wait for part II. Has blogger popped a Midol yet? (BTW, that cracked me up.)
I think I told Isabel I would do a shoe post but then kind of forgot about it. I so want to do one, I just have to find the time.
Okay, so, once the Payless (my secret lover) flip flops finally let your toe get to third base with the pavement, I totally have first dibs on them. They look sooo comfy and that's what I'm all about.

Yay! Shoes! I actually need a pair like your first ones. I bought mine way to cheap and they hurt. Of course.

Can't wait for the second installment!

I'm not sure I've ever owned so many shoes ALL TOGETHER during my ENTIRE LIFE!

I'm still a bit in shock, I think. And there's a part two?? Whoa...

I've always been sad that you and I do not have the same shoe size.

It really comforts me to see your flip flops stains. I have the same problem. My worst pair (and naturally the most comfortable!) are called my "Shroud of your stinky stanky nasty feet" shoes, in honor of the Shroud of Turin. He sucks, he's only got 3 pair of shoes. Boys are stupid

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