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August 21, 2006


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LOL! I think eating ice cream in your sweats sounds very relaxing, and you're supposed to eat when you're hungry! I think you have a very healthy outlook:)

Good morning! I'm just surfin' by...

Glad to hear that life is progressing nicely.

As for eating lunch at 10:30AM, I see no problem with it if that is when you are hungry.

When I worked at the CBOE, my work day was from 5:30AM-3:00PM, so early lunch was a way of life around there.

I also used to nap in the lunchroom, gaining my trading floor nickname, "The Dozer."

Hey, it was a lot better than the other stuff they used to call me.

Girl, I am waking up at 5:15 so I can make it to Jazzercise by 6:00. If I can do it, YOU can do it! Do you need me to call you after I get done Jazzercising and give you a wake-up call/cheer?

Time management skills require having a plan. Having a plan requires choices of first, second, and thrid ... see now it is complexe already with just three items. However, work always needs to get done. It will get done and we all do the best that we can, when we can, and all time we can.


Great post, Frema. Just make sure that you call it "brunch" if anyone asks.

Also.... 90210 is on SoapNet?!!!!!!

If it's any consolation, I seem to be on a schedule that requires me to eat breakfast around 10:30, lunch around 2:30, dinner around 6:30 and then continue snacking at least every 2 hours until bedtime.

Not that I'm recommending this eating schedule, I merely noticed the time "10:30am" and my brain kicked into food mode. Oops.

good luck! I'm trying to get back into my routine as I went back to work today-yuck!

Matt eats his lunch at 10:30 in the morning everyday he even trys to get us to eat lunch on the weekends at 10:30. I can't have pasta that early.

Sounds like you have your schedule set for you sister. Good luck. I know how it is to try and change your schedule to wake up earlier. My 1st year teaching I was getting up at 5:45.m. to do more work beforehand. Now that I don't have my much loved teachers aides this year (sniff, sniff), I'm dreading the extra long hours I will have to put in to accomodate their absence. :(

I have always thought that when we retire, Miles and I would do this at the same time. Then, yesterday, he was helping me make a bulletin board at school; he was so fastidious. His carefulness made me think that maybe he could retire and do the housecleaning. I could continue to teach school and not do the housecleaning. He did not seem wild about the retirement/housecleaning plan.

Of course, your lives are moving in the opposite direction. I am sure that you will manage the schedules, lunches, and comings, and goings well just differently.

AH! But if you were a KINDERGARTEN TEACHER, and had to have the first lunch period, it would totally be okay to eat lunch at 10:30! (Grrrr.)

The only thing that would have made this post BETTER is if you watched Young and the Restless instead of AMC.

Must go, finishing Y & R on tape before my ice cream melts :)

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