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August 30, 2006


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ME TOO on the WW thing...I had such a hard time sticking to it. The WW recipe for 'snickers pie' is a good dessert recipe, if you don't eat the whole thing. And I have certainly never done that.

So here's my question: What is your favorite book from your childhood?

I must say I love, LOVE the Hawaii '05 pint glass filled with healthy milk that's trying to creep it's way into the picture.

What is your earliest childhood memory? (Is that clean enough for mom and pop?)

Roxanne: If you click on the "before" link, you'll see I've already posted an answer to your question. Talk about service!

Oops! I guess I should have read through your 'before' post. Here's another try (by the way, great answers last time).

1. If you could be any famous person, who would it be? And why?

2. If you were stranded on a deserted island, which dessert would you want to have with you (can only pick one)?

3. Do you buy generic or name brand groceries (when there's a choice of both)?

Oh you so better hope some of my nosey readers (ahem, KellyF) stay away. :-) B/c my mother-in-law reads my blog (I know she does) but that didn't stop them from asking. And that's why I was the way I was with some answers.
"Your mom" things were cracking me up.

Okay, hmmmmm:
If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?
What is one thing that Luke does that drives you nuts and he knows it, but still does it b/c that's "just him."
Are you on birth control now?
Have you and Luke found a church or a common ground in that area?
Did you watch Sex and the City? If so, which character are you most like?

If you could eat all you wanted of one thing and never get fat or lack vitamins or whatever, what would you eat?

Actually, I'd much rather hear about how you and Luke met and fell in love, if that's an audience-appropriate story.

Try the South Beach Diet. You dont have to think about what you are going to eat. They plan a menu for you. Your folks were over one day and I made them salmon chowder from the a S.B. recipie. They each ate two bowls. You can find recipies for S.B online.

I watched that show last night (sort of) and it was soooo bizarre. Haven't figured out yet whether it was bizarre in a good way or not.

i certainly know how the WW thing goes. i went through it before, too. but, have no fear. i know you can rock it (harder than your mom! see, right back at ya'. hehe)

ok... here's my question: which person, alive or dead, famous or not, would you most like to meet and converse with? also: which is your greatest guilty pleaser; sweet snacks or salty snacks?

I did WW for awhile. Never tried the soup though. You make it look so delicious!

Questions: What one thing would you like to accomplish before you die?

If you could go anywhere in the world, expenses paid, where would you go?

What is your dream job?

Who do you think is the "sexiest man alive"? Luke does not count.

I have no questions but I did watch the trainwreck that was "Celebrity Duets" and I am just as confused about Little Richard as you are? What the hell does he smoke before the cameras roll b/c I need some of that before work. That way I can spoout out random snippets of nothingness at my coworkers and maybe they will leave me alone.

spout....not spoout.
We ain't in England.

That soup looks so pretty all decked out with breadsticks and a plate and matching bowl (who knew people actually ate soup out of anything that doesn't rhyme with flupperscare?) You WILL be damn Betty Crocker by the next time I see you (so plan bringing me a pie. Anything Chocolate. Thanks, Betts.)

The your mom jokes never grow old.

I have to think a while on questions. Goooood questions. (I better not say that, because it's quite possible that they will be laaaaame questions, and then I have dissappointed.) I will think.

Can't wait to read answers to everyone elses in the mean time! (You are much braver than I.)

Thanks, Frema. You are the best. I am always on your side.

Hi. I got here via Fraulein N's blog, and you are hilarious.

Yum spinich dip!!

Besides the recipe for spinach dip that will rock harder than my mom, I'd like to know

Which of your electives in college was your favorite?
What was your favorite teacher like?
How much of a different world is academic administration type work than regular corporate America? (kind of rhetorical, but answer if you will.)

Also, who invented these word verification thingies, because cejghzdi? Really?

Here's to spinach dip...and all of the bodily functions that go awry after eating it.

I'll get back to you with questions. I have to think.....

What would you do if you are not able to have children?

Your soup looks delicious and is displayed quite aesthetically in the picture.

As long as you come to the reunion, we are happy. Your forthrightness is one of your many attributes that we love.

I just looked through the comments to see what questions were here and I didn't see anything from me. I know I commented on this. I just know it.

Anyway, I watched the new show last night. Or rather I started it. Seriously, Little Richard is not well. He needs helps.


This is hard.

(I like what mjd said. She seems very nice!)

Anyway, let's talk about family-since they read it and you'll be seeing them this weekend.

1- What was your best family vacation, ever?
2- Which sibling do you get along with the best?
3- The worst? And why?

Okay. That is all. Have a great weekend.

(and where is the damn recipe???)

Soup looks delish! You go, girl.

That soup looks delicious, and since it's been raining in NYC for 8 DAYS I'm thinking about soup (and building an ark).
I'm also doing the "you ask me 'cuz I'm fresh outta idears" thing on my blog...
Let's see:
-Where is and what is in your "junk drawer"?
-Ever have a celebrity run-in in which you behaved like an absolute ass?
-What's your favorite joke to tell?

And I totally took your suggestion and did the same thing today.

Fun stuff.

Your "to do list" while Luke was away sounded very relaxing and fun. Go guuuurl! ;)

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