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August 22, 2006


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OH. MY. GOD. Bree! You are hysterical. Sant and I laughed hysterically! The first three are the best, followed by the last two. Ha!

You rock, my friend. You freakin rock.

Fremanitis: A free mantis with every comment!

I'm sorry, but that domain name will always make me think of Zorak and his ilk.

Made of people...
it's people.
hee hee hee

I think my personal favorite is the third one up from the bottom.

And, for the record, you are more likely to become famous on the internet by being a photoshop amateur than by being a photoshop expert ;) See? You're already halfway there :D

The second one from the top is nice, but they all are nice. My thought is that the same name would be good. Your readership will follow you anywhere. Any pick will work.

I love them all.

Also, I love them all. Though my favorite is the "at least it's not syphilis!" one.

Hey! You have a place on Amalah! Top right corner, baby!

I like the second one.

How fun are you?!!!!! Oh, my gosh... don't make me choose. TOO FUN!!!

I vote for #1 or #2. Of course, all of them made me giggle.

I love the "idiot" one. LOVE IT.

(And I really should use the photoshop my company put on my laptop. It looks like I can do amazing things with it...if I just learned how.)

#3 and #4 are my favs. You are too funny and too adorable in all of them though.
And I'm totally jealous you have photoshop. I want it. You know, b/c I post so many pics on my blog. (I'm going to work on that though b/c I know I love looking at pics on other blogs.)

I can't believe I didn't see this post earlier! HYSTERICALLY brilliant! I love you sister.

Heee! They're all hilarious, but my favorite is the last one.

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