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September 07, 2006


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I was recently confirmed in the Episcopal church. I grew up Methodist and my husband grew up Catholic. We both love it and it's just like both of our churches (odd, right?).

I know your religion is not my business, but I wanted to share our experience. Good luck with this decision. I know it's difficult and important.

The real answer to Silly Hilly's question, "What is one thing that Luke does that drives you nuts and he knows it, but he still does it b/c that's 'just him'?" is when I roll my eyes back, slouch a bit, and shuffle toward Frema like a zombie. She really hates that. Creeps her out like nobody's business, believe you me.

Yeah, Frema take all that crap about Luke down (the good and the bad) and replace it with what he said b/c I think he's right.
Glad I had a good comeback with the SATC question. I really would have NEVER guessed you to be most like Miranda. I think I'm least like her. I actually thought that watching it the other night. Thanks for answering my questions (and HA! you said "sticky part" sorry, couldn't help myself). Excellent answers. Now, I'm off to take the quiz to see if it says I'm most like who I totally am. B/c I AM one of the characters.

I think I'm most like Miranda, too, although I really wanted to be Carrie (except with all the great shoes and none of the debt or cigarettes).

I hear ya on the dreading the day you no longer identify yourself as Catholic. It's a scary prospect. In some ways the Church has been diametrically opposed my own thoughts, yet I constantly defend it to others. Scar-y.

Miranda, huh? I'm off to take that test.

I saw your comment on Silly Hily's page. Guess what????? People think that my hubby looks like Keifer. I don't see it, but we get it a lot. So I guess I can keep him off my list because I have Keifer only better.
And I watch SATC all the time. I must be slow b/c I never thought about Brady being Brady Brady. duh! Now I am pondering and the show is over. Thanks for making me question fictional characters lives as if they were real. Poor child.

just a quick hello xoxoxo

1. I believe boy hair DOES become invisible (to boys) after they cut it off. Thus, I get to clean boy hairs off every surface (except the ceilings) in my bathroom. I try to be zen about it.
2. The evil pill. I found out about this 2 years ago and was VERRRRRY mad nobody told me (all those prescription-writers for YEARS!!!). On top of that, I'm ALLERGIC to latex. And the temperature method freaked The Husband and me out too much... so we became what we never thought we would be - a condom couple.
3. I like CAPS and (parenthesis) and you probably know more about me than you evar wanted to know. Sorry

I haven't had the time to "research" your blog, but will try later...BUT, I did want to ask: How many pounds of beef did those sandwiches have on them? They looked yummy !

I would be freaked out if my husband was a zombie, too. It might put a damper on the baby making if you know what I mean. ;)

I made it to the end...and I even clicked on the links! You're a fascinating person, Frema.

And I *hate* hormonal birth control (I've done the IUD and the pill), and now I'm a condom girl too.

Brady Brady? That is silly. I hadn't thought about that.

Loved our answers.

I tried the whole "take control of your own fertility" and thought I had it all figured out. Then I got pregnant and realized that I ovulate on like day 21!! Which is very odd. When I looked back over my charts I realized that I had gotten pregnant all three times on day 21 and not day 16 like I had thought. Man did I feel dumb.

Oh well.

(The sandwich looks yummy!)

I didn't realize that Steve's last name was Brady and the baby was NAMED after his last name. Whew. That being said, I think it remained Hobbes after they were married because I don't remember the name change coming up. I've seen EVERY SINGLE episode countless times, so I expect some raw cookie dough...and oh yes, I will eat it all!! ;)

P.S. You answer such important questions with real grace and thought sista! ;)

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