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September 14, 2006


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Very well thought out. What needs to happen every now and again is to win some kind of active, game or whatevery on whatever level of existence. Then it is possible to remain in a net positve state. For example, the basement has 4 and 1/2 inches of water. The sump pump has stopped working. It got too hot, poor thing. Then the new one (a big 0.5 horse power Wayne high performance pump) drops into place with only one extra trip to the hardware store. And we all know hardware stores are the best. The power removed the water in a very short time. There I won one. I can go on and try some living.

Yes! Finally! My questions have all been answered.

I think we're in the same stage of life right now. You and I, we're kindred spirit. Soul mate? check. Dream job? Check. Kids? We're on the 2-3 year plan, so check. Spinach dip? Double check.

As for your ponderings on the shelf-life of your food....I find that good fresh produce will last about a week if kept in the 'right' way, which will depend on what produce you are talking about.

Regarding meat, if you've got the freezer space and are planned ahead you can keep it for a few weeks, if you don't have freezer space I find chicken will last about a week, steaks and pork about the same, ground beef 3-4 days (before it gets brown and icky...maybe still good but I don't wanna risk it).

We goto the grocery store weekly, but will generally hold off on beef purchases until the day we plan to eat it...then one of us will pick it up on our way home from work.

Don't feel bad about the rice either, we made stuffed peppers the other night and put in uncooked rice instead of cooked...had to through them out because the rice in the stuffing wouldn't cook :(

Personally, I like plan A better, too (of course, I'm biased because I started rubbing my huge pregnant belly as I was reading it)... but you're right... that is a DARN FINE plan B ;)

I admire your desire to push something out of your vagina. Well put!!

I also admire your priorities. The child MUST love Zach Braff (as will mine)!

Frozen veggies are just as healthy as fresh (whether or not they are as tasty is a personal preference). So if you want more veggies with fewer trips to the grocery store, that's the way to go. Most fresh won't last more than a week, although I've found that if I put my lettuce in a Tupperware-type container, it sometimes lasts a few more days. You can also try buying produce that isn't quite ripe yet (e.g., green bananas), although I think that may only work for fruit.

Awesome answers, Frema. Fun read!

I do the same thing. Go to the grocery store on a health kick only to have half the stuff spoil before I put it in my mouth b/c the chips and dip well, they must be shoved in my mouth first.

I wish with all my heart Plan A for you and Luke!

But now, let me jump up and down b/c I rolled over "friends" after seeing Isabel as "internet" wondering who "friends" would be and it's ME! I'm so flattered. Am blushing. We will make it happen one day. Even if it's when we are in our 50's and the kids are gone and we can finally focus on "ME" time.

Great answers! Hot and beachy, satisfying job, and a personal trainer sound wonderful. Hire a personal chef and you'd be Oprah. Can my kids call you Auntie O?

Hmmmmm, Eddie Furlong and Jack Bauer in one entry... You'd best be bakin' me a pie when I get home tonight, woman!

My sexiest man alive (aside from my boyfriend)is Julian McMahon (from Nip/Tuck). Yum. And I LOOOOOVE Steak and Shake too. LOVE IT.

With either plan A or plan B, you will have a wonderful life. Even if you end up with plan C, things will be good. You and Luke are the most attentive aunt-and-uncle team ever, and you are adored by your sweet niece.

we don't have Steak and Shake out here. But now I want a shake. Damn you, Frema.

I love your answers. You always put so much time and thought into your posts. You are my hero.

And when you go on your beacy vacation, please take me!

You seem like you are a Great Aunt.

Plan A and Plan B are both great. I love you sister. ;)

Eddie Furlong! Did you get to see him on the two episodes of CSI:New York. His eyes and smooth voice are still there, but he was kinda greasy lookin'. The 15 year old version, I am so with you there, when I was fourteen (its not that I like 14 year old boys now...) Eeek, had to cover my tracks there pretty quick!
Author, yeah that would be my dream too, only that usually takes talent, so I'd have to wish for talent first.

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