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September 11, 2006


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Love it...now I want spinach dip. And I never thought of pureeing the artichokes. Hmm. You learn something new everyday!


All this time I thought you had already given out this recipe and that I just hadn't found it yet.Guess how many of us will be making this tomorrow? Are all artichoke hearts the same? The ones I have are marinated.Does this make enough for 2 or do I need to double it so Joe can have some?

I should have known better than to ask that question. Or, at least, I should have had the forsight to wait until I was once-again unpregnant and no longer constantly ravenous.

Because, seriously? Where am I going to get frozen spinach at 12:48am?

People who don't have bubble butts never understand what an issue they can be. Mine sticks out so far that I can hang a towel off it after I get out of the shower. AND I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP.

Also? I have never before in my life needed frozen chopped spinach but for some reason I bought some at the grocery store yesterday. I must have been channeling you in the frozen foods aisle.

I will be making that this week. We have a fresh bag of chipes and a tan of artichoke hearts.


I sure do lurrrrrve me some spinach dip! Thanks for the recipe!

Love it! You totally need to write your own cookbook. I will pick up the ingredients to make it on my next visit to the grocery store (which, if I can help it, won't be for another 2 weeks).

Mmm....sounds yummy. I'm not much for cooking, but I may have to try this out.

Thanks for commenting on the new blog, by the way!!

Thanks for sharing your famous recipe! Maybe you can come over and make it for me sometime. ;) XoXO

I love spinach so I will try this recipie tommorow. For those counting carbs you can skip the chips and use sliced celery stalks instead. (South Beach)

Debi: This makes much more than a typical restaurant serving, so there should be plenty for you and Joe. Also, I've not used marinated artichokes, but I don't know why it should affect the recipe's overall outcome. You'll have to go for it and let us know how it turned out!

Sissy: I would love to make this for you. :)

I have made a similar recipe, but I think it called for sour cream, too. Have you ever tried that?

As far as marinated artichokes, I would shy away from that because they are flavored and that would probably make it taste different.

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