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September 06, 2006


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I am not trying to help you make excuses or anything like that - but please remember that fat weighs less than muscle, and that if you have been walking a lot (treadmill?) lately, you may have gained 1.5lbs in LEG MUSCLES, and not in fat. I know you still want to lose 15lbs, but be careful about going 'by the scale' because it can often be misleading and daunting.

*puts away her soapbox*

Yes, I second Mrs. S. Maybe you want to measure your 15 pounds in clothing size/s or with a plain ol measuring tape? You can do it! (You impress me with your excersizing skills, oh great master.) (That last sentence should be spoken using a voice cross between some Star Wars dude and Mr. Miyagi.)

Don't beat yourself up over those boys (I realize, you were answering the question.) You ended up with the right one.


The one thing I learned through weight watchers is it's all about the portion control. Calories in, calories out. I lost about 16 or 17 lbs on WW my first time around and am trying to get back in the saddle, but it's tough. Especially since I don't particularly care for foods that are good for me, and I have a husband with absolutely no weight problem so he can eat whatever he wants. I have a hard time munching on carrot sticks while he's sucking down Dorito's.

Holy cow I could have said that word for word (only it would have been 3 years instead of 5). Other than that, seriously, word.for.word.

And dude, 140 lbs!!!??? Do you know what I would do to be 140 lbs???? Let's just say there are few things I wouldn't do.

Equilibrium: Energy In = Energy Out. However, if there is more going in than coming out then the difference stays inside in a concentrated form. Yet, it is true the muscle is more dense than other stuff of the body. Also, muscle is nicer to the eye. You are moving ahead. One week of menus is a super goal setting effort.

Good thing you don't have a scale at home. You would be driving yourself crazy!

Great question Silly Hilly and great answer Frema...

And I have YET to schedule and execute a five-day dinner menu. Please, if you're able to follow through on consistently feeding youself, please pass along your secret. There are some mountains I have yet to climb.

Oh Frema, Well, that's all I can think of.I guess not,I just read "HOW USELESS CLUTTER CHANGED MY LIFE".It brought tears to my eyes.Okay,I do cry at the drop of a hat but it was the sweetest thing.I don't know you in the "real world" but I do think that what I love so much about you is that feeling that WHAT YOU READ IS WHAT YOU GET.
And also,I was just wondering,are you making a big loaf of garlic french bread to go with that spaghetti? And what about low cal desserts?

Debi: Nope, no garlic french bread here. We don't have anything with spaghetti, and usually our sides consist of fruits, vegetables, or some sort of rice.

Regarding low-cal desserts: we did pick up some Ben and Jerry's sorbet--"Berried Treasure." Trust Luke to find pirate-themed goodness in the grocer's freezer.

I think you're funny and so adorable. You remind me of my girlfriends I hang out with, here in Houston.

ANYWAY - My husband and I have been trying to eat healthy...I just got "A Weight Watchers Cookbook, Cooking for 2" this weekend. The recipes are really fantastic (I'm a food snob) and the portion controls have helped a lot. It's nice, because if you count points (the points are counted for you), you can have delicious tasting snacks during the day and not feel guilty. I'll make copies and try to email them to you (if you want).

My problem - I really need to lay off the wine... :(

I tend to snack also. If you can find a way to NOT snack...let me know!!

I think we were all relationship-idiots when we were younger. I see kids on TV shows and movies and they are always so cool when it comes to stuff like that. I NEVER was.

(oh, can't wait for the recipe you've promised!!)

I like that you mapped out your weekly dinner menu! Dan and I just talked about eating out too much yesterday and I went to the groceries to get a variety of different dinner foods. The chicken legs are baking now! ;) Mmmmm Mmmm gooooood! ;) Anywho, Nick and Mike probably regret being such a-holes to this very day and I think it's kinda funny! They had no idea what a treausure you are and now they're probably fat and lonely. Boo frickin' who. ;)

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