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October 27, 2006


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I totally hear you, shopping makes me feel better. And, of course, my stomach bulge is way less noticable in some bigger pants (ouch! bigger!). I , too, cannot resist the Clinique Bonus, my total excuse for buying makeup, ever.

Blog ideas: food diary (i'm doing this, even though it's crap, but it will help me to keep eating better and give me somewhat of a start!), what you do to pass the time when Luke is away, live "deal or no deal" blogging? Good luck :)

Yay Clinique bonuses! I just happened to drop in and buy stuff on the last day of the one up here. Although, while the bag I got is supremely functional, yours is way cuter.

You are so very sweet. And I am so very glad you are feeling back to your old self (the proof is in the shopping!)

I can't wait to read thirty days of entries!! That is so exciting to get from you! And! Somehow! I! Can't! Stop! With! The! Excitement! (Must just be cause I love you that much.)


PS- Last picture? Kevin in the background savoring the living heck outta Luke's coffee. Discussed in the car ride home...mmmmmmm.

Yippy,a post a day from you. I get so sad when there are no new posts for a week at a time. I am still lurking out here and I miss knowing your every move.

Most of my makeup comes from CVS, but my mom uses Clinique, and she always mails me the free-with-purchase goodie bags. My pulse quickens whenever I see a package from my mom in the mail - what tops free Clinique? Nothing.

And, hey, I want a baby houseguest! No fair.

I understand the ovaries aching thing... which is why I now ache from head to toe, 'cause little brat won't come out and my body can't handle the extra weight (between baby and swelling) gracefully. Of course, I never could do ANYTHING gracefully, so I'm not sure why I'm surprised...

Glad you had a great time! And I can't wait to see what you find to write about.

I'm loving all the goodies you got. Good for you.

(stupid salesperson. Stupid.)

Wow, a post a day? Including weekends? That's insane.

Here's a topic:

wWat is a day in the life of Frema like??

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love looking at other people's cute kids!

Thanks for the picture within a picture. The kids are just super.

Travel man is doing big miles in a short period of time. It is very much like the idea of power. Power is work divided by time. Hence, a big work load in a short time period is big power.

Shopping always cures what ails you. Glad things are looking up!

Your free Clinique bag is cuter than mine- I have freebie envy!

I've decided to do the same with the post a day. We'll see how it goes. I'm planning on taking photos and posting them. And the end of the semester is luckily ripe with blog material by way of the students.

Do you ever do something and then think- that's almost a blog entry? I'm going to be posting shorter entries, like 3 paragraphs at the most. Those kinds of things are what will make it in this month.

Work stories? With caution so as not to be Dooced? I don't know, I give it a week before the memes start flying. for me at least :)

You just can't turn down a coupon that gives you thirty bucks off a purchase. I'm glad you found some good stuff.

Sister, I'm so sorry for not being faithful to your blog these past two months. I love you so much and your writing is important to me. I LOVE YOU and I'll do better! ;)

I am SO jealous! You just wouldn't stop with this post. First NY&Co. Having one of those coupons makes it toally worth it and totally okay to go b/c it would be a sin not to use that coupon.
Then Clinique. I myself hooked up during the last Bonus Week! I love Bonus Week.
And then Molly came to see you? WTF?
With the kids!?
Well Bree, why don't you just twist the knife while it's still in me?

So jealous!

Those little gift bags with all the samples inside are so tempting, aren't they? :)

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