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October 17, 2006


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I am so not creative when it comes to stuff like that. I can't offer you any help other than to say that I loved the whole Fremalicious and Fremanitis stuff.

Did you see Deal or No Deal last night? The chick had the 1 million in her case! But she made the deal at like $186,000. D'oh.

Oh, and you are so freakin' adorable. That is all.

I love your chin. I mean it, you have the best shaped chin in the world. Hands down.

And I love your hair.

And I just love you.

Best of luck to your Aunt and family. That must be hard. I can't even imagine.

As for some sort of name that isn't cheesy. How about www.fremaeatscheese.com, which I may have told you I ALMOST bought for myself (except with my name and not yours). I may have to think some more. As I WANT the prize. I know what good packages you send.x

And here I was thinking Obi-Wan was our only hope!

I wish I had an amazing gift for naming blogs, but, alas, I do not.... so here's my recommendation for today:


Of course, that name doesn't fit the criteria for being "not too long," so I guess I have to sleep on it and get back to you in the near future with more ideas.

How about iamfremahearmeroar.com? Or maybe just iamfrema.com or iamfremaandyouarenot.com.

You look pretty darn happy with that baby in your arms!

"Be kind" is the very best advice. My thoughts are with you and your family.

I'll be thinking some about your title contest. Good luck with that!

So very sorry about both of your aunts. Don't you want to just scream and shout,"Where the hell is this coming from?" and "Why the hell does it keep happening?" and, yes,"It's not fair!!!" God bless all of you. p.s. I like your Mother-in law's blog name suggestion.... and oh, Where is Luke? We miss him!!!

Hi again Frema. I love your pics. You are too damn cute. As you can tell by the lame name I chose,I have no talent for blog naming.I just wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you.

You are absolutely allowed to have a top five as a married woman. Its a rule, actually.

Also am still trying to think of a cute name...will get back to you.

Your hair looks great!!!

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