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October 03, 2006


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Oh no you didn't! Bwahahahaha!

With you, not at you, of course.

Good point about the placement within the directions on the themometer. If the ending time was desired they should have said so. However, temperature is related to the energy of the object being measured. The progress of the object throught out the cooking process might be of interest. I see no reason the directions can not say the right thing. Otherwise, they should out source their writing to someone that can write.

I melted our meat thermometer in the oven within the last couple of years. I actually knew that the thermometer was for testing after the meat was cooked, but I thought that it would not hurt to leave it in the bird in the oven for a few minutes. But a few minutes always seem to turn into a half an hour when I am cooking. Oh well, these things make cooking an adventure.

If it's any consolation, my aunt's friend suffered great financial loss after a kitchen fire.

The kitchen fire was caused when the friend's daughter, while trying to bake some cookies for her father, read the directions "grease the bottom of the pan" and greased THE BOTTOM of the pan... as in, the part that faced the element.

See? It could be worse! :D

Oh, Frema. This is why I look forward to your posts. *uncontrollable giggling*


You're too funny! Good luck on your next cooking adventure (I have a feeling you might need it ;).

Frema, I was right there with you. I actually muttered ohhhhh, out loud, when I realized that the thermometer was not to be cooked with the turkey. I agree, the directions could have been clearer.

Oh, no. I'm assuming you had to throw the roast out, too?

Well, look at it this way-- you'll never make this mistake again. :)

Actually, the meat was still good--all the gooey stuff managed to stay on the face of the thermometer. A little dry, perhaps, but not bad.

Indeed, the pork was still pretty tasty, despite it's narrow escape from having melted plastic drip all over it. The death of our meat thermometer should just be chalked up as a lesson learned the hard way.

Whoops!! Well, this is kind of like when I realized that a meat thermometer and a candy thermometer are two different things after trying to make fudge with my meat thermometer. That didn't turn out edible at all, so you've got me beat on that factor at least!

Oh Frema, I lurve you! I lurve you for telling us funny stories like this. That is totally something I would do. And Tony would be banging his head on the wall just like Luke.
Thanks for the laugh.

Oh Frema, your future kids will love these kind of stories.I think we all have one or two. Thanks for sharing!

You have definitely saved my husband from a repeat of this situation in our kitchen. I've always thought you cooked it with the meat but never been brave enough to try. It didn't ruin the oven did it?!

Aww, hee. You're precious, you know that, right?

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