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October 07, 2006


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I have always wanted to tell about my "brush with greatness"(David Letterman).It was in the early 70's in California at the race track at Santa Anita. I was with my friend Pearl who grew up around the world of horse racing. She said that before placing a bet we should go down to the paddock to check out the horses. On our way back they had started bringing out the horses.There was alot of people walking on a narrow path and I stepped aside to stand and watch the horses go by.My friend jabbed me in the ribs and jumped up and down yelling "look, look,it's,,,).She could not remember the name but just as Kirk Douglas passed by us she yelled "its Spartacus".He Looked at us and laughed and kept on going. He was a very short and handsome man.
Frema you were a cute little chickie babe. I think Mark is hotter now than he was then.

Hey, hey, hey....was that ME that you're refering to and how do you know that story when you weren't even there?!!!

Are you guys talking about Molly's mom dancing to Who Let the Dogs Out at her wedding? Because everytime I hear that song to this day I think of HER!

First, I absolutely love that you have an intimate knowledge of soap operas, though MY drug of choice is Young and the Restless.

Your celebrity sighting story cracked me up.

Oh, and I have a junk drawer, and it is also in the kitchen. However, I am ridiculously obsessive-compulsive, so mine also has snap-together-junk-drawer-organizers. Ha. Hahaha. I wish I was kidding.

You people with the neat junk drawer organizers and not so much junk in them... I laugh at your junk drawers. At any given moment you could trade the contents of our computer area garbage can with the contents of the junk drawer and most people would never know the difference. I? Would ask where the hell the 97 miscellaneous batteries went.

And I loved the answer to who let the dogs out. You rock.

That is the neatest, most sorry excuse for a junk drawer I have ever seen. I have at least 4 junk drawers that would make yours cower in fear.

(insert wild maniacal laughter here...)

Silly Frema,
Even your junk drawer is not messy. My regular drawers are 40 times junkier than your junk drawer. Next time your here, take a look at the center drawer in this desk...shudder.

You are too cute in those pics!!

Fun post, FREMA! Cervical positions??? I feel as if I should know to what you're talking bout and I really don't. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I have three kids. OK, my head hurts.

Hey, I asked some weird questions, huh?
But FUN answers, Frema.

And yes: junk drawers are designed to live in the kitchen. O fthis I'm convinced. Our kitchen has, count them, 2 drawers. One for utensils. And another for...yep. Junk. We have ZERO storage in our kitchen, yet we still have managed to maintain a junk drawer. Ours is filled with 6 years worth of leases, appliance literatures, and a billion take out menus. Yet we only ever order from the same 4 restaurants. Go figure.
Oh, and cat nip.
Our cats have actually figured out how to open the cabinet door underneath the junk drawer, crawl in the back, stick their paws in the back of the drawer, push the drawer open, crawl back out of the cabinet, and hop up in to the drawer to get at the aforementioned cat nip.
Not that you asked... :-)

Yeah, I'm sorry, but your junk drawer just doesn't qualify. There needs to be at least four things in a junk drawer that you either swear you've never seen before in your life, OR? That you just have no idea how it works, what it's used for, or why you have it. If you even thought of labeling it in photoshop, it's not junky enough! But I LIKE that about you, Frema!

Now I've got that dreadful song in my head. You canoodling with soap stars is cracking me up. Mark actually does look muy jealous.

From the context of your writing, I'm thinking this is your only junk drawer, which makes it an even sorrier excuse for one. Sorry! I have Three junk draws in the kitchen, one junk cupboard, a junk drawer in both bureaus, one in the desk and one more in the TVs entertainment center. I often contemplate the deeper meanings behind these occurances. It's as complex as the assortment of things contained within.

I love the junk drawer concept. I have taken to homogeneous toy boxes. I really like the idea of stuff being somewhere together. The idea of the sox drawer is nice,also. Restful.

A whole week has gone by without you, me or Silly Hily posting...(My week has been boring b/c I don't read many!)
But I just wrote one for mine - so jump to it! We miss you!

"Your mom." HA!

Dude, I forgot all about Justin from Party of Five.

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