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November 16, 2006


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baby soap opera fridays?

Today is November 17th, the Cheesy Love Song deadline. I keep thinking of such great cheese...Only the Lonely by Roy Orbison (sniff).

Oh well, bring on the Friday adventure, Frema.


I love baaaaabbbiiieeesss

Is it soaps? Please say it's soaps.

Okay- I can't bond with you on the Lionel Richie worship, but I totally used to love Phil Collins and especially Separate Lives. I'll bet I could remember every single word if I listened to it right now... both the male and female parts. ;)

Ok, I am totally waiting in suspense for Friday!

Oooh, suspenseful! (is too a word!). I forced myself to stick to what I already own from my (and my husband's) musical library. I found sufficient cheese, I am happy to say!

I know you're working on your new feature, but I can't waiiiiit to get my partners!! woo hoo viva el queso!

I will soooo give you a run for your money with the cheese that I have found in my CD collection from yesteryear. I've even come up with a little game while listening to them of "Reason why this song is cheesy." One answer was, any song that talks about seeing "your star shining down on me?" Total cheese and I LOVE IT!

So, it's Friday. Post already gurl.

I'm back to say, have I mentioned I found not one but TWO Boyz II Men CDs? Cause I diiiiiiid. Mmmmm, cheese.

You know how, in The Ring, people would look at photos and their faces would be smudged and they'd sort of freak out on the inside? There's nothing scary per se, but there was something just a little off that was extreeemely creepy.

This is the reaction I used to get when people would flip through my CD collection and come across Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell II.

Can't believe I ever gave that thing away.

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