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November 12, 2006


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Okay first off Frema, 11:57? Whoa, cutting it close there girl. I have been on the edge of my seat for the last few hours waiting to see if you were gonna make it. Whew. This is a great great post. I have been sitting here going thru all my music to see if I could find enough "cheesy" tunes so I could join the cheese fest. I thought I should play some just to be sure. As I am listening to Phil Collins sing "Against All Odds" I check to see if you posted and you had. It was the perfect song to read that by if you want to cry. When you wrote "and if they allow one of these emotions to die in its sleep" I had to stop. Pretty heavy stuff tonight and I love it.

And a whole three minutes to spare.

That movie effected me too...it was so REAL and heavy. Not funny at all really. We were suprised at how it was marketed!

My husband and I have been married for almost six months as well and I couldn't agree with you more on these points.

I've seen entirely too many relationships and marriages come crashing down as a result of laziness or "peeking over the fence". A happy marriage takes work, and effort. I hope both of you always make the effort.

By the way, you guys are working out together right? We are too, and for some reason, I feel that working out together has created yet another bond, another point of compatability we share.

I wrote a whole long ranty post (http://www.sangrialover.com/?p=273) about that movie when I saw it in theatres. It didn't sit well with me either, but for different (more shallow) reasons. I definitely see where you're coming from, though, and couldn't agree more.

Also, I hate the post-face-wash puddles around the sink (I don't make that big of a mess when I wash my face -- what is he doing differently?) almost as much as i hate the freshly-shaved beard hair all over the counter. But, you know the old saying, the things we do for love, right? Totally worth it in the long run.

I'm one of the few people I know who really loved that movie. There were definitely funny parts, but as a whole I definitely felt that it was a drama of some sort. I'd recently been through a big breakup not too long before seeing it, so it gave me a lot to think about over the next few months and I still find myself thinking about some of the lines from it.

And the ending absolutely did me in.

Angela - I actually liked the movie a lot, despite its flaws. It just got me to thinking about relationships that exist outside of the small screen.

We've only been married a year, but we've been together for almost six years, and over that time we've really learned the value of just plain old being polite. The little things, like "please" and "thank you" and resiting the urge to snap or take things for granted is so important. It's all in the daily details - the occasional grand, sweeping gesture won't make a marriage work.

Now, more importantly: do we think Jen and Vince are on the outs IRL? Because they always seemed kind of mis-matched to me...

Happy six months!

What a thoughtful entry. You hit the nail on the head in a big, big way when you talked about no matter how bad something seems in the moment, that it's only a small part of your life together. That really puts things in perspective.

I would like to think Gary and Brooke magically got back together, just because I hate when movies don't wrap up perfectly.

Wow. That was a really great post.

And I also like to think that they ended up working things out...the ending really disturbed me.

You're not the first person who has seen that movie and left feeling a bit unsettled. This was a pretty thoughful post on what I initially thought would be a fluffy movie. Personally, I thought it seemed stressful from the commercials, not least of all because I'm not too fond of Jennifer Aniston. Bleh.

Congratulations on 6 months! It's almost the big 2.5 for Kev and me, go us young married types!

You articulated what I thought about that movie so well. I left with a lump in my throat. I'm not in a relationship, but it brought up all the emotions I felt when I was.

Congrats on your six-month-iversary!

I really want to see this movie. You've inspired me to rent it, possibly this weekend.

We rented that movie a few weeks ago. I have to say, I really didn't enjoy it. I wanted something to happen that was funny, and there wasn't one funny scene in the whole thing. I did think it was more honest for them to stay broken up, though I WANTED them to get back together.

With the divorce rate in our country hovering at around 50%, every time I hear of a divorce, I figure that statistically, my DH and I have a better chance of making it. ;) We've been together almost 19 years, married for 13. Yes, I'm old.

I am totally with you on this movie, Frema. I was left feeling uneasy and sad for the couple even though I think the point of the movie was that they bothed learned from the ordeal. I think. Great post! :-)

That was one of your best posts my dear. You are so right on and I wish more people thought like you. The divorce rate might not be as high as it is.

I have really been interested in renting this movie and now I think I'll just got out and finally do it. I hate it when people don't try to talk and resolve their differences. Sometimes people hear, but don't listen to others words. It's really sad and that's how/why many relationships slowly crumble over time. One of the things I am so thankful for is the great communication Dan and I have in expressing our feelings and emotional concerns/hopes.

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