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November 27, 2006


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PTO days??? Parent Teacher Organization? Personal Triumphant Orgies? Procrastinator's Trivial Opportunities? Prosecutorial Topical Occasions? Pensive Treetop Onomatopoeia?

Oh maybe PTO stands for Personal Time Off...?

Personal Time Off?


PTO has got to be Political Time in Office. Frema is going to spend four days campaigning for the presidency!

Go Frema!

I for one, shall miss knowing that sometime before midnight every night Frema will post. I loved them all and thank you for every word. I certainly understand how nice it will be for you to unlock that chain and run from the keyboard. Putting the finishing touches on my songlist. I have turned this into a major thing. I mean what if you don't like my choices? I am burning tomorrow. My kids and friends have been calling for days asking if I am still searching for songs and giving me titles to look up.. No more downloads,I am done. Yippy!

Speaking of Time Won't Give Me Time, I was just flipping through my Culture Club collection *this morning* only to reject it as a cheesy love song resource. I'm trying to stick with songs about love that's working out, not love that isn't. Which has resulted in other unfortunate culls. Quite a challenge you've put us to!

Squisita - Songs that deal with loss and heartbreak and general tragedy are all fine options. MY songs won't all be happy--I'm including "Separate Lives," remember? :)

I am also very thankful that we have until December 1 to mail off our cds. That means I can procrastinate for 2 more days! Hooray!

Your rate of getting activities completed is just super. I have yet to even get started with anything that looks like shopping.

Soon, but soon things will happen in that area of productive work...maybe.

I never met anybody that loved that song like I do. Of course, it is tied with Groovy Kind of Love.
I try not to leave vague "I love your blog" remarks, but it's late, and I do. And I just did.

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