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November 17, 2006


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Loving. It. Can't wait for the "how she stole Kayla's man" backstory! :)

Hee. That has to be the happiest, most well-adjusted set of teenage parents-to-be EVER. I love it. I'm only sad that I have to wait a whole week to find out what comes next!

Love it!! Can't wait for more!


Okay, switched to Beta today and wasn't sure if I could post.
Don't be feeling all bad for Brenda. Remember she had a fling thing with some guy in Paris didn't she? She had a horrible accent and pretended to be a local. Right?

Frema? You rock. I can't wait for next week! More more! I totally think Mike has the hots for Jenna.

90210 references and all...am a little in love with you now. Yay.

There was an awful lot of sighing going on in that passage, miss Frema! Substitute "sigh" with "disgusted eye roll" and that's Me: the teenaged years!

That is so ironic you should post writing from your adolescence. This morning I was laughing to myself over my teen angst poetry. I'll have to post it sometime. It's so great--there's fear, drunk fathers passed out on the floor, blood and death. It's so ridiculous because I couldn't have asked for a better childhood.

I really enjoyed your post today. It made me laugh and say to myself, "yep, I completely understand."

dude! frema? so rockin'! i don't think i've ever told you, but i was totally addicted to All My Children during high school and college. so, yeah, total throw back here. great job! :)

This is like the BEST post idea ever!!!

It's our own blog soap opera..without the drama of real-life BS to get in the way!

Awesome! Can't wait to read more. What a great idea. And nothing like your love for having babies (apparently at any age, and with any baby-daddy, even if he was recently linked to your best friend) blaring through the writing. Love it.

OH god. It makes my face hurt with the cringing. I can't wait for more. I love that you didn't forget the "adoring-male-best-friend-who-is-probably-secretly-in-love-with-me-but-for-now-just-defends-me-to-everyone" character.

So. Freaking. Awesome. You just made my entire year.

Why did I also pen a story about ridiculously well-adjusted teenage parents-to-be? Is that like some kind of rite of passage for future bloggers?

Dude. Awesome. Oh my God, I should recommend this to my bookclub...

Love it. More! I must know what happens next!

I told you your internet audience would love this story! I feel so priveleged to know what happens...this truly is one of my favorite reads sister!

I hope there's a paternity test coming up next!!! Maybe that "baby daddy" isn't David. Just a thought. Love it!

Ah, the Peach Pit. Almost as cool a place to hang out as The Max.

And who leaves their pregnant daughter with only a note to tell them they are leaving. They didn't even say where they are going...just "visiting friends"? DUDE!!

I love this so much!

(and I totally caught the Kayla Evans name from DOOL!)

Why isn't my life more like this? When I had just a few layers of skin between me & my unborn child, I was happily married, employed and STILL TOTALLY FREAKED OUT. How can I obtain the zen-like peace of this sweet knocked up teenager?

YOU ROCK! I'm finally sitting down to read this (ok, I may have to stop to take care of the toddler), and I'm HOOKED! Awesome!

OH and I do know a high schooler whose parents left her alone all the time-- she basically raised herself since she was 12. SERIOUSLY...like different countries and states away.

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