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November 29, 2006


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Hey, you know, just as long as you get back on the wagon, it's okay! Everyone has slipups now and then--it's just part of the game. Of course, I fell off the wagon about three years ago and haven't quite made it back on. :) I will, though. Someday.

And Steak n Shake is the BOMB! I love their stuff! :)

Steak? Burger? Steakburger?

Frema, the worst part of focusing weekly on your weight is that you notice fluctuations that you may not have noticed otherwise. Take it easy on yourself, and try again, harder. That is all :)

Don't worry, you're not the only one. I just posted a couple of hours ago about my pants which are suctioned to my arse even though I've been working out for a couple of weeks now. How my pants got TIGHTER, I'll never know. Perhaps it was the 5lbs of stuffing I consumed over the last week.

Don't be too hard on yourself - it was a holiday week, when you were out of your normal routine. Just, you know, get back on the Healthful Fun Times wagon and things will get back on track.

(If it makes you feel any better, I gained 2 pounds over the weekend. Which means that ALL of my work pants are now officially Too Tight. Grrrr. I may be joining your Wednesday excitement, because GAH MY PANTS ARE TOO TIGHT.)

Also, note to Marriage-101: Did you just start working out, or just increase the intensity/frequency of your workouts (within the past 2-4 weeks or so)? If so, here's what's probably happening:

Your muscles are retaining more water, which makes you a bit bloated. Since your muscles are being used more, they're holding on to more water to help them repair themselves and recover. This will fade away as your body gets used to the new activity level. Drinking lots of fluids will help a bit, as it'll help flush out your system in general, but really you just have to wait for it to work itself out.

hey, no punishment from me. i gained one pound over all, even with Thanksgiving and my vacation (where i got ENGAGED. have i mentioned that? hehe). but, as of yesterday, i'm back to doing the points thing with WW. i just can't handle the weight anymore...

Don't be too hard on yourself. It was Thanksgiving. I ate so much my body went into pig-out overload and I ended up sick. Nice, eh?

I, too, have been eating so much lately and I just can't bring myself to get to the gym. I have walked during my lunch break, but that is probably not enough to make up for the comfort foods. Let's both just enjoy the holiday, not stress, and maybe we can fit the gym in next week! Or else I won't be able to fit in my pants.

I was up half a pound. Relax, all will be well soon.

BTW-not sure what is up the date on my blogroll.

Mmmmm, ham! Hey, don't worry about that measley 3 pounds! It's the holidays and trying to diet during them is just pointless. You're doing well, don't give up.

that steakburger sounds like heaven on a bun.

Dawnie's totally right about the water weight. I also found that when I started working out regularly, I was RAVENOUS all the time, wanting to eat way more than I was actually burning. But don't think too much about it, it works itself out over time (months, not weeks) when your body figures out what's going on.

Also? I may have already shared my feast/famine technique. On a day when I know I'm going to be having a huge holiday blowout, for the rest of the day I have nothing but broccoli and chicken broth (or similar hot drinks). Then I don't feel any guilt tucking in, and the dinner maker is totally flattered that I'm going back for thirds.

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