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November 08, 2006


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The socks are a nice touch.

(Man, I'm going to get my ass kicked for that one.)

On a serious note, I applaud your decision (and the requisite bravery!) to Get It All Out There. Best of luck to you! With the whole internet supporting you, I think you'll do well.

Way to go Frema!!

Nice plan. It has good balance of work and rest. You are on your way to said goal.

You are so brave for posting your weight on the Internet. I will not do such a thing. Just know that it is more than 139. :)

You can TOTALLY do it!!!! I had a fitness blog-thing myself a few years ago... I was pretty much in the same situation. I started at 138ish and my goal was 125. I hit that in 6 months, and then made a second goal after that. It was a slow process, but I made it...and you can too!! :)

Go Frema! With your black socks! It's your birthday! Weight Loss Wednesday! Do it anyway!

I'm sorry, I just drank a tea really really fast. Wireddd!

I would NEVER laugh at your "fat rolls" Frema, because MY fat rolls would eat yours for lunch. Awesome plan! You can DO IT!

Hahaha I second that Stacey! You crack me up.

Frema, you're so cute - 14 meaningless extra pounds or not, black socks and all.


go, frema, go! we so got this.

It seems that the internet is actually laughing at your socks, but I will hold back from laughing, on the outside anyway. :-P

It seems like you have a really realistic goal, which is awesome! I admire you!! My whole "work out everyday in November" thing isn't working out so well. I've already missed 2 out of 9 days. I suck! But you rock! I love WLWs!!!

The past few months have been the first time since adolesence that I haven't had a scale in the bathroom, because awhile back I tripped over it and broke the display window for the needle-thingee (I literally broke the scale - ha!). But I am liking this new scale-lessness. I'm going to see how long I can make it before I break-down and buy another one.

Anyway, go Frema!

Not to be a downer, but I think the water recommendation is 64 ounces. It seems like a lot. I am a crazy thirsty person, so I always hit the mark, but not so much on the "Don't eat 5,00 calories a day" part.

You call those fat rolls? My fat rolls would totally kick your fat rolls' asses! ahem....Way to go!!

Frema - you are fabulous. The only thing I'd change be the black socks. hehehe

Rock on, Frema. I think your plan is very do-able.

Frema, I weigh more than you and that's after a 50 lb weight loss. Love yourself and the fat will drip. right. off. ;)

You are so bold!!! Go for it!!!

Frema when I look at you I see a cute sweet young woman with her whole life ahead of her. With your upbeat and positive attitude I think you are in for a wonderful life. And let me tell ya, I'd kill to weigh 139. Or 159!

YAY!! Go you! I'm so glad you're doing this!!!

You know, I just think you are too adorable.
I can't say much b/c your current weight if, um, 11 lbs. under my GOAL weight. :-)
But really, the internet can be such a wonderful support system. After all, it helped me quit smoking. Honestly, I don't know if I would have been able to do it without the internet. I don't know why I fear it so, but I do.
I think Beth is right, it's 64 oz. of water. Sorry. I have such a hard time with that. I'm a drinker but not of water. I love me my Diet Coke/Pepsi/whatever.
Just remember, if you are working out, pay attention to the way your clothes are fitting as well as what that scale says b/c muscle weighs more than fat. If you are going to tone up, you might shrink in size but not so much in weight.

(I don't remember why I originally surfed on over to your blog, but you're very entertaining.)

So my eye was immediately drawn to your reference to Weight Watchers materials, and I wondered, just wondered, whether you might still have their proprietary recipe for "Banana Cream Pie." I had a roommate years ago who did WW and made that pie regularly and who was also regularly annoyed when she would offer me a piece and I would swallow the entire pie. It was low fat!

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