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November 13, 2006


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woo-hoo I am the first comment. Matt is really in to this love song thing he has been downloading since you first blogged about it.

Okay now that you have cleared that up I have to say that I am in too. I am getting jazzed about this.

Wasn't there an 80's show with that Sinatra song as it's theme?

The Beatles have no cheese. Sorry.

And I love how you liken this swap to what Jesus did. COMEDY GOLD!!

So, just "love songs"? Maybe I can do this. I'm going to have to think about it some more.

That Bing Crosby song was the theme song to the 80's TV show Out of this World. I loved that show.

Anyway, Frema I wanted to tell you that all of your talk about Hanson and MMMBop creeped into my dreams last night because I dreamt I was making out with Taylor Hanson on a cruise ship. Crazy!

Those comments are great. I knew I recognized that "or would you rather be a mule" song.
I'm going to go through my CD's tonight and see if I can dig up enough songs that I actually own to creat a cheesy CD. Because for them to be totally cheesy mean I have to own them. It means at one point, I paid money for the single "Miles Away" by Winger. I think it's a kick ass song but big hair+80's=cheesy....all day...every day.

I feel like such a voyeur...but I'm loving it.
Will there be a Master Love Song List made available for those of use that are too lazy to participate? Or does that just defeat the purpose? I think it probably does. :-(
I have all these amazing songs floating through my brain right now, too. I mean, I'm a fan of Air Supply, REO Speedwagon, and I own--and listen to, without a hint of irony--the Lionel Richie Love Songs record. Power Ballad? I'm all over it.
And yet.

Oh, a Master Love Song List for us lazies, that is a great idea, Lizzy.

I think that Frank "ol Blue Eyes"
Sinatra may be the King of Cheese.
Consider the lyrics from All the Way

When somebody loves you
It's no good unless he loves you - all the way
Happy to be near you
When you need someone to cheer you - all the way

Taller than the tallest tree is
That's how it's got to feel
Deeper than the deep blue see is
That's how deep it goes - if its real

And Secret Love

Once I had a secret love that lived within the heart of me,
All too soon my secret love became impatient to be free.
So i asked a friendly star the way that dreamers often do
Just how wonderful you are and why i'm so in love with you.

Now I shout it from the highest hill, even told the golden daffodils,
And now my heart's an open door, and my secret love's no secret any more.

I'm with Lizzy...bring on a master song list! I wish I had time to participate!!!

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