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December 12, 2006


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Am I the first? Yay! I love the new look! I think you're very dedicated to transfer everything over. That's the thing that keeps me from moving my blog. Ugh.
I will update my stuff to reflect your move, Frema darlink.

Congratulations Frema,
The new look at "lookingatfrema" is beautiful.

congrats on moving into your new "home"!

Way to go!!! I hope your new blog journey brings you joy and happiness.

Awesome! I am proud of you and all of your hard work and extremely jealous that you did it all yourself! It looks great.

Congrats on your new "place"! Looks great!

Congratulations on your new home!!

Dude! You did it!!! Congratulations! The new site rocks the casbah.

I LOVE it! I especially love the photos of you in the heading.

How ambitious! I could never do this.

LOVE it! I wish I was smart enough to design something like this all by myself. Way to go!

Congrats on getting the new site up and running. It looks great!

Congrats dahling. I know how excited you are to finally get this thing going and out in the open. Looks good!

(And how awesome are your readers to keep the Wilson Phillips song going throughout the comments. Classic!)

Ok I waited up another half hour last night to be the first to comment, but alas my eyelids failed me. And now I am number fourteen.

But still, congrats!! Love it!

Holla! Congrats on the new blog space!! It looks great (love the masthead:)

Congratulations my dear! Welcome to the rent-paying corner of the blogosphere. Initiation will only hurt for a second...

It looks great! Congrats on switching everything over without losing your mind.

I am so proud of you Frema! You did it girl and your template looks fantastic!!!!! I love you so much and hope to talk to you later tonight. :0)

Holy crap...this is what happens when I'm super busy at work-I MISS NEW BLOGS.

Wow...it looks awesome. And I love the name. It's a good one.

(And you did all this yourself? Am sure impressed? I hope I get "blogging for dummies" from Santa so I can learn all this stuff.)

(Am I lame because I just imported all my stuff from blogger and didn't worry about fixing all my entries? Dude...so I need to go back and do all that?? I didn't even put them into catagories. CRAP!)

Hey, congrats on all the work you've done ... the new site looks fantastic, and obviously reflects some mega-hours you've logged. :)

I'd love to hear more about the "why's" and "why not's" of staying with Blogger. I used another online service for almost three years before switching over to Blogger just two months ago. I'm curious why "everyone" winds up doing their own site. I'm so new to Blogger, I guess I don't understand all the drawbacks yet!

Anyway, I hope you're pleased .. it sure looks great!

Wow! It looks fabulous! And I won! Yay! This is very exciting!

woohooo! congrats to you! the new place looks fabulous.

The new site looks awesome - it's all shiny and such! Makes me want to redo mine, even though I just did and it took me many, MANY "baby is sleeping, I have four minutes to do something I care about" sessions. Ahhh, yes, the joys of new motherhood.

I'm shutting up now, but congrats on the new site!

Yay! Love the new digs; you did an awesome job!

Glad to see your new blog! Congrats!
Are you going for the Irish flag color scheme?
And I love the name of your domain.


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