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December 15, 2006


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I just haven't watched AMC at all this week, so I'm not as behind as you are. I missed Zarf the first time around (I wasn't watching the show regularly then), but OH MY GOD is he annoying. Seriously. SEEEERIOUSLY.

However, I am now strangely fascinated to see how this whole transgender/he's in love with a lesbian situation is going to play out. (Of course, it's probably already been resolved, but whatever.) Also, I am so not broken up over Simone's death. She was bitchy every time she was on screen, and her voice annoyed the shit out of me. Rest in peace, yo.

I kind of think they're both idiots, and I also think that David is a tool. But it's great reading! I haven't jumped out the window yet!

I think I'd be most upset at Kayla's death. Of course that would, generally speaking, end the series, and I don't see that happening.

But I'm gonna call it now, Kayla get's pregnant too and miscarries and thats the death to be upset about.

It is ironic though (if my hypothesis is the case) that David (not me of course) seems to be on the low side of the evolutionary chain flipping burgers and unable to keep his pants zipped, has remarkably successful swimmers. And here I was thinking evolution suggested survival of the fittest!

Death! Death? There's death? Oh my. I'm not ready for death.
I will say that I DON'T feel bad for Kayla. David is a baby daddy. He should totally be off limits. She did this to herself. (I know, tough love.) I mean think about it. What if David (a-hole) did leave his baby mama to be with Kayla? Is Kayla ready to be a step-girlfriend?

I love you Frema! It's all so dramariffic.
That mouse in the house line was snortworthy.

Kill David. He sucks.

Ya know....I feel like I need to separate myself from your character David. That, or a cease and desist is in order to keep you from using my name which may or may not be trademarked. :)

Omg, Frema, that was awesome. (Okay, I'll come clean: this is the first time I've ever read your Tragic Love Friday. I just didn't think a 14-yr-old's writing could be that entertaining. Boy howdy was I ever wrong!)

And I wouldn't be too sad to see Kayla bite it. She clearly has enough misery to be put out of...

I think Jenna will die in childbirth. That way, Kayla can swoop in to help David, he of the mouse-outta-the-house (classic line, btw!) and the minimum wage job. And then they can live happily ever after, the end.

When do we hear the results?

Dude. The mouse comes outta the house for an eight minute romp and that's it? Poor, poor Kayla. Poor stupid Kayla.

I can't tell who I want to win the prize that David is more. I like both girls for different reasons, and feel bad for each of them for different reasons.

I can't wait to find out what happens. (Death?!)

David has to die. And then Jenna and Kayla will come together in sorrow, and compare notes, and discover that they're both just two links in a chain, chain, chain of fools.

I'm with Art Nerd - Jenna's going to die in childbirth, leaving Kayla and David to raise the brat...I mean, erm, baby. :)

Love it, love it, love it!!

Dude! My favorite part is when she says, "Talk to me, girl."

And I have no idea why.

But everytime I go back and read it I start cracking up at that part. I love it!

Did you even see Ace Ventura: Pet Detective? It's a emotional roller coaster, like when he reunites Snowflake with Dan Marino and the rest of the Dolphins.

Boy howdy, that is one moving film.

Thanks for the Card, and Merry Christmas to you and Luke. From Grandpa, Nicole, and uncle Abe

I love this story. When can I get my own hard copy? Christmas=xeroxing copy for younger sister... ;)

I'm with Beth, the "talk to me girl" line cracked my shiz up and and I couldn't believe you didn't make a comment on that.

At this point in the story I think both girls are idiots. IDIOTS. But I don't think Kayla is a slut like Jenna and Cassie are making her out to be. And I think David is also a TOOL. (At first I typed "TOLL" and that is even better.) And also, I think the parents are all mental.

Oh, and I think maybe Cassie will die and that will really mess David up. Or maybe...holy crap, is Mary Kathrine going to die??????!!!!!

(Just catching up on this saga now)... I think Jenna is going to die in childbirth (that seems to be a highly prevalent occurence in soaps), and then Kayla and David will raise the baby as their own after Kayla miscarries her own child. They will keep Mary Catherine's true mother a deep dark secret, until she is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, and discovers that not only is Kayla not her real mother -- but David is also not her real father! Michael is!

I'm a little late to this blog, but I'm loving this!! I also really like the brackets. I think that I'm right around your age so the cultural references from when you were 14 are great (Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High).

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