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December 22, 2006


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GAHHH! I checked your blog at 8:30 this morning because I had already announced (at 1AM) after my sister and I had finished putting away our groceries, that it was Tragic Love Friday! I'm addicted!!!

Bless you this holiday season for bringing me the greatest joy, the return of my soap opera love and obsession. Bless you:)

PS- TWO babies?! Oh David... I see a future, if not with McDonalds, than as a professional sperm donor.


I totally did not see this turn of events coming. David has two baby mommas! He better move on to Arby's or something. They have to pay a *little* better.

Merry Christmas, if I don't talk to you first. :0)

hey can I get david's digits?

Well I think we saw this coming. I think for Christmas someone needs to pay for a vasectomy for our dear David.Even if he doesn't end up with either of these wonderful girls he will not be able to afford more kids with anyone else. Maybe they could all move in together and one of the girls could take care of the babies while the other one worked at the drive thu at McDonalds with David.Hmmm.
Have a Very Merry Christmas Frema. Opening your gifts before Christmas?? Santa will find out you know.

The pace of life is very fast. But the things that need to get done get done. I am going to change my productive work output by working on project on a time schedule. By tht I mean to have a day or time to do regular stuff, such as to pay the bills, to study, and even to play.

Maybe, that regular scheduled time frame will get more things done over the next year.

This is hilarious - I just found out that my cousin's cousin did the same thing - two babies born by different mothers within a month of each other!

Kayla, Kayla, Kayla. Did you not learn anything in Sex Ed? If you have sex before marriage, you WILL get pregnant and get an STD and die. I would like to know what little STD Mr. Super Sperm is passing around b/c surely he's got something.
I love that the only time she calls her "Kay" is when she asks how many days late she is. Because you know, that's such a casual question and all. Like, "Hey, Kay, pass the butter please." "Hey, Kay, let's figure out when David's super sperm decided to tell Aunt Flo to take a vaca."

"In which case, my sympathies." Bwaa-haa-haaaa.

Tragic Love Friday continues to remind me what a naive high schooler I was. I could not have told you what yoga was in high school, much less how to take a pregnancy test. You continue to amaze me, Frema.

Frema! I have not checked your blog FOREVER and I finally had a marathon of catching up a few nights ago. Let me just say...I love your writing, and I'm also hooked on Tragic Love Fridays...thank you for feeding my inner 13 year old girl :)

Okay, I admit to not seeing this coming. Which is odd, since this totally happened to a friend of mine. She was pargo (at 15) and her boyfriend (who was like 13) got her best friend pregnant AT THE SAME TIME. She gave hers up, the other girl kept hers. (Of course I didn't meet my friend until she was older, so I missed at all drama!)

Anyway, I was also amazed that you knew what yoga was at that age. I didn't know yoga existed until I moved to Seattle.

And also...HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME and I am ashamed I wasn't reading this all along. But I would not have been able to wait a week in between episodes, so it's better this way.

Frema, I heart you long time!

You sure knew quite a bit about how to take a pregnancy test at 14! I didn't have the pleasure of buying a pregnancy test at Walmart, hands shaking and face bright red, until I was 19. And then I did the test in the public restroom, which was oh so clean and sanitary, because I couldn't wait until I got home (plus I couldn't risk my mom finding it in the garbage). Those were possibly the worst 5 minutes of my life (because I took 3 tests, to be sure, of course).

Thank the dear lord they were all negative. I would have been in as bad a predicament as poor Kayla.

You bought a big purple sweatshirt from WalMart? Why would you do that to yourself? Oh yes, and this chapter was friggin awesome! OMG!

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