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December 08, 2006


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Jeez! I hope the parents don't come downstairs! Right there in the living room??

Oh hell no you did not just leave me hangin' like that.
Did her parents seriously not hear the doorbell ring? Damn, they are some heavy sleepers.
I loved the commentary this week.
(....cause I want you to be happy.)

Your commentary cracks me up!

I must say, reading this every Friday is keeping me from jumping out a window at work. If we had any windows. Which we don't, because I work in a basement.

So frig-frang-frelling AWESOME, man. The "milk milk milk" made me laugh out loud.

(you're in love ... and I know ...)

"David and I melted into each other, in body and soul."

HEEEEEE. Also, who's parents are asleep at 11? And ditto on the whole, "in the living room???" question.

I have to echo the "parents??" sentiment. Didn't hear the doorbell? Asleep by 11?

They had to have come down in the morning and found them, right? After all, she did "fall asleep in his arms". I don't think I can wait till next week!

My parents were always asleep well before 11, but they'd definitely have woken up if I were getting my freak on in the living room.

So, does the house burn down? Does Kayla now get pregnant too? dun dun dunnnnn.

Can't wait till next week!

David you scum!

I hope she ends up preggers too, and then he can move to Utah and marry them both and I can watch them on HBO on Sunday nights, right after Big Love.

Can we do some Tragic Love Monday here? Because, seriously, a week to wait?


That is bold...

TLF IS SUCH A TREAT! I can't believe you are typing all of this. It's worth it, thank you.

"...that you're not in love with meeeeee...ooooh"

OMG but what about Jenna and the baby? What is David thinking? He's going to have two illegitimate children running around, playing hopscotch with each other!


Wow, that was so abrupt...first they are drinking milk and BAM, they are butt naked. Shocking!

I think I need a little "alone time" after that steamy post. Can't wait to hear what happens next!!!!! Is it Friday yet?

i also heart the love triangle and ensuing drama...

but where is the non-blogger blog? when is the big reveal?

That is precisely why I don't drink warm milk. It is an aphrodisiac, obviously, along with the beer.

Frema, listen to your fans. Post some more of the story tomorrow. It's the least you can do for us after torturing us with Wilson Phillips song fragments.

I wonder what would happen if I went upstairs right now and asked Aaron if he wanted to "melt into me, body and soul". He'd probably be all, "Hells no, woman, you just ate two bowls of black eyed peas and your breath is kickin'"

I might try it anyway. Who knows, your story could be responsible for a wave of pregancies in the near future!

Seriously, consider a hump day edition. (Dammit, now I just said hump, and I'm going to be singing My humps, my lovely lady lumps, but that's better than the damn Wilson Phillips song from earlier! Ha!)

David is a dogg.

And also, no mention of birth control. Have they both not learned a serious lesson from David's previous "mistakes"? DUDE!

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