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December 01, 2006


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I know where he'll end up, in a tree. What's his blood alcohol content?

Somebody totally called this one - Michael has the hots for Jenna and is scheming his way in.

The kiss attempt greeted with a yawn - that was cold.

I've been waiting for this all week.

"The condom, David. The condom is what went wrong." Heh, that's awesome.

This is better than crack. (Not that I know what crack is like.) More I say. More!
I totally called it from the beginning. Mikey has the hots for Jenna and he's going to be her shoulder to cry on when David leaves her high and dry (or wet if her water breaks...hehe).
I can't believe you wrote this when you were 14! Why in the hell have you not been published yet? Teenagers across the country would love this shit. (As well as a few cheesy adults like myself.)

-Me :-)

I really feel the need to dig out my old Sweet Valley Highs now... wow, this is so fantastically hilarious!

My favorite line: "She was sounding like a spoiled child!" Or, you know, the exhausted mother of your child whose ultrasound you missed and that somehow continues to love you despite the fact that you probably smell like frying grease all the time. Or, yeah, spoiled child!

Team Jenna!! (I think we need t-shirts to fully articulate our positions.)

I have no idea how I could have missed this installment (last week). I hope dear David doesn't go back to Kayla, but things aren't looking good.

Also, slipping the cashier $20, then downing four beers that hit pretty quickly, and finally, ahem, taking your friend home and driving around (drunk?) for a few hours? The insanity!

I seriously love this story.

I want you to know that I will not forget to take you to the doctor when you have your first ultrasound, but hopefully our lives won't take such a turn that I need to work at McDonald's either.

I love the mention of Liz (I call her that) and Todd kissing each other on the cheek. Rereading the SVH books that you sent me reminded me how PURE they were. Dude!


(and for the record, I totally took the bus to most of my prenatal visits. Does that make me a baby or tough? I think it makes me tough!)

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