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December 29, 2006


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Luckily Jenna is already with child, because I feel her relationship with Michael is about to take a turn that would put these incredibly fertile teens at even more risk. Dun dun dun! Also, props to Jenna and her right hook. David deserved it, as honest as he may have been about the whole thing. I suppose next he'll want to call the babies Irish twins and give them rhyming names-- Mary Katherine and .... Larry Appleton? No, wait-- that was a character from Perfect Strangers... Anyways...

I have to wonder, if Jenna had failed to identify herself when she made her cryptic phone call (holla AMC) to Kayla, if Kayla would have panicked and become paranoid, only to to run off and hide in some cave, returning to the world 9 months from now carrying twins wrapped in sheep's wool... Something to think about.

The only other thing this story is missing is a raging case of herpes. That must be where Cassie's story takes off. No?

Anyways-- I'm so glad TLF came early, because I couldn't wait another 8 hours! Nice writing young Frema, Agnes Nixon would be proud:) See you on New Year's Eve!

You go Jenna! I'm glad she called Kayla. And seeing as how she'll have her final two gestating months free of doctor visits, maybe she can settle things with her baby daddy otha baby momma and they can dump the loser-boy and raise their Irish half-twins in peace and harmony.

I also just realized that I picture David looking like Zach from Desperate Housewives. http://www.wisteria-lane.net/Personnages/zach.jpg

He is actually supposed to be hotter than that, and not so creepy, right? What do you picture these characters to look like?

Molly: David is definitely hotter than that dweeb! A better image would be Eric from That Seventies Show.

Jenna: Finola Hughes from her All My Children days. LOVED her golden brown hair.

Kayla: Think early nineties Carrie Brady from Days of Our Lives, but with blond hair.

Michael: Dean Cain from The Adventures of Lois and Clark. Glasses and all.

Cassie: Jo from Melrose Place.

If only TypePad offered linking options in the comments section! Maybe I'll post cast pictures in next week's TLF.

You totally have to post cast pics, even though I know everyone you mentioned. Dean Cain huh? Yeah, if he's that hot, why in the hell has Jenna not slept with him already? Or has she? Could he really be her baby daddy? Is it possible? I called it from the beginning. Mikey totally has the hots for Jenna.

"We made love."
"Don't touch me! You bastard."
And then she punched him and drove away in tears. Yeah, I would have NEVER guessed in a million years that you were a young soap opera addict. I just knew when she got in that car crying though that the death you spoke of was right around the corner. I'm amazed she made it home "without killing anyone."

The last thing I have to say is....when in the hell do you people (you, Molly, and Sant) sleep? Seriously. But I was delighted to see TLF posted first thing this morning. You made my day. Happy New Year.

OK, I totally LIVE for TLF!!! I can't wait to see who dies!!!

Gah. Fabulous, Frema. Another compelling installment...I'll be eagerly waiting for next Friday's episode!

I love your creative writing! ;)

I just can't wait to hear what happens next! I can't believe he got two women pregnant, how Jerry Springer. I'm really feeling for these characters. My teenage full of angst self is especially feeling for them. I love how the parents are barely around. My imagination always ignored the parents too, not because I don't love my parents, but out of yearning for everything that adulthood would one day bring. Funny, it isn't at all as I imagined it.:-)

No seeing the doctor for the final two months of pregnancy? Can you get me her doctor's number for my next one?
I'm so loving TLF, can't wait until Friday... woo, only 3 days left!

If David does look like Eric from that 70's Show, I would have done it with him also. In fact, I might even do it with him now. And I'm married. I love Eric.

That being said...what in the crap is a glass car ornament? I love that!

And also, I hope to see you use the word "slut" more often. It's so dramatic!!

Dollface?? Love it.

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