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December 06, 2006


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Way to go on the two pound loss, don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing so great, hotstuff! Your maxi pad sighting reminded me that last week when I was out on a walk during my lunch break I saw the inside part of a tampon. A few feet later, the aplicator. Everything was thankfully unused, but it was so odd.

Hooray for your two pounds! That's wonderful! If I had only 12 pounds left to goal I would...die. Or something.

My brain is tapped. Just had to pop in and say, Yeah You!

(Yeah You!)

Continuing with the "sidewalk tableau" theme, I was standing outside a bar this past Sunday (what was I doing at a bar on Sunday before noon? Getting change for the collection plate at church...yeah, that's it...).

In a snowbank in the bar parking lot, there was a half-eaten taco on top of a discarded child's snowsuit.

What in THE HELL happened there?

I am so, so sorry that I have not yet sent my CD but I had a major computer meltdown that happened when I tried to burn the CDs (the night before they were due to be mailed, of course, because I am me.) My ex husband agreed to make them but first I had to get the list to him and I couldn't email it. He's getting them to me on Saturday and has told me he couldn't get all my original songs so had to add some others I had added just in case. So again I am sorry I am such an eejit and you can feel free to ban me from any future exchanges!

Slow but steady wins the race! Eat less, drink lots of water, don't feel deprived!! I have lost 145 lbs. so far! You are only 12 lbs. away from your goal, congrats!

Congrats on the loss!! And without going to the gym! That is so great.

hooray for weight loss! we must be totally in sync because i lost 2 pounds this week, too! yay!

also... yes, thank GOODNESS it wasn't a used pad...

Wow...where did the coins go? They did not dissolve after all this time. Their metal after all. Some staff person must have claimed them from their grave of water. That is a good thing. Now there is more space for the correct business plan.

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