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January 09, 2007


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Since I'm doing weight watchers, I'm must decline your invitation to even go to that link for fear the cheesecake will lure me in. Because we have a Factory on the way home. And.I.Must.Resist.The.Evil

BTW, Happy, Happy Birthday!

I, too, am super-picky. I stayed away from cheese cake for the same reason you stated: cheese and cake?? YuCK! Now I will only go near it if it contains mostly chocolate ingredients, they mask the cheese taste I assume must be there. I think the Chocolate Oreo Mudslide is what I had when I was there... delish.

Don't get me started on fruit combined with other things, such as cheesecake, ice cream and cottage cheese. Wrong!

Happy Birthday!

Much of your list is also on my list of Things I Will Not Eat Because Just The Smell Of Them Makes Me Gag. Eggs and tuna both reside very near the top of my list.

I think I'll call ahead this afternoon and arrange to have a special crab-meat cheesecake made just for you.

Really, though, I vote that you get the banana.

I'd go with the Mud Pie thingy or the Godiva Sundae. They sound really really good. Of course, I don't like cheesecake and I love chocolate.

There is not too much food that I will not eat. I won't eat peanut butter or jelly. Or cheesecake. If it's a dessert I usually won't even try it if it's not chocolate.

Oh, Frema, I think I died a little when you said that cheese does not make everything better. [sob]

But, I respect your opinions, although I'm really intrigued as to why you dislike French toast so much. Is it the batter that consists of eggs and milk?

I've never been a picky eater--you put it in front of me, I'll eat it. Except tapioca pudding, and bananas (I know--gasp!)and beets. You know, this might inspire me to do my own post about foods I abhor!

As for Cheesecake Factory--I love their cheesecake with the peanut butter cups (I think it has peanut butter cups on it) but I also love their other desserts, specifically the Blackout Cake, the Apple Dumpling, and the Strawberry Shortcake. I might have to request that we go there for MY birthday, which is coming up in three weeks!

So from one fellow January birthday to the other, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I know that this will be the best year yet for you!

Happy birthday, dear Frema!

I vote for the banana thing too. Mmmm, nanners. I am also picky, and dessert often proves a problem. The reason is not, however, my pickiness, but the sudden fashion to put frickin raspberries on everything! I am allergic, and sometimes I think I'm the only one in the free world. They are everywhere!!

I agree with you on seafood. I watch a lot of Food Network, and I think it looks good. But when placed in the same room as fish, I gag. Ew. Just wrong.

Thanks, Bdogg, for reminding me of my hatred for tapioca, too!

I'm a very picky eater as well. I have actually had to close my eyes when someone is eating something I don't like (seafood especially) so that my gag reflex doesn't kick in.

We have made it a tradition over the last few years to go to the Cheesecake Factory every year for my birthday (which is coming up in February). I can never decide which dessert I want but whatever I choose is always good. I've had the snickers cheesecake and the chocolate oreo mudslide cheesecake several times. Hope you have a great time and a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I have to admit that it's always been a little hard for me to understand picky eating, since I'll try just about anything as long as it's seafood or vegetarian. But hey- to each her own. ;)

Maybe Luke would share a bite or two of whatever he orders when you two eat out, so you can try new things without ordering an entire plateful?

Oh man... I would have never eaten cheesecake either if I thought it was some sort of American cheese concoction! How revolting!

Anyway, I'm equally dull at restaurants. I have a specific order for each type of restaurant and I stick to it faithfully. And so, I can say with great conviction that the Godiva cheesecake is BY FAR the best selection at Cheesecake factory. But then I've never tried anything else there, so you know, grain of salt.

LOL...aren't burritos just tacos on a flour tortilla? I'll eat ANYTHING on a flour tortilla. ANYTHING. Hamburger Helper, even.

I have never been to Cheesecake Factory. How ridiculous is THAT?

I could have done this post myself, pretty much word for word (with a few food changes...mac & cheese? really? can't live without it). I'm just like you and my hubby is just like Luke. JUST LIKE! I didn't even look at the menu because I know you will try whatever you want to try and you should because it's YOUR birthday. (Happy birthday again!)
And also, you just reminded me what I have to look forward to with Silly Girl. She won't eat anything other than pasta and pizza and a few chicken nuggets and fries. She has even gagged when we tried to get her to eat other things. I don't even try anymore.

A Birthday Song for Frema:
Happy Happy Birthday,
You're so freakin cool.
Happy Happy Birthday,
You always make me drool.
Happy Happy Birthday,
I hope it's lots of fun.
Happy Happy Birthday,
Celebrate like you're twenty-one.

That's all I got.

You're going to tell us what you ended up getting, right? You should make it a sort of contest or something.... :)

Happy Birthday! I am personally a fan of the peanut butter and chocolate marriage, so I vote for Adam's peanut butter cup fudge ripple. If you like a nice adult type beverage, I also recommend the Red Raspberry Martini. It's the best I have ever tasted. Have fun and have a great birthday!

Happy 27th Birthday Frema, I hope that your 28th year is the best one yet. Take care.
See you soon.

I didn't see where you were on citrus? I take issue with citrus desserts. Lemon bars, candied lemon peel, fruitcakes or any other baked good containing citrus peels, lime Jell-o, yellow Skittles.

I make exception, however, for Key Lime Pie. Mainly because of the graham cracker crust. But if I'm not mistaken, CF makes a Key Lime Cheesecake. It's a shame CF won't make a flight of cheesecakes. They have so many options, yet each choice is such a big commitment. How much more exciting to try a sampler!


Wow, dude. That's some picky eating.

More for me?

You most likely already went to eat but just for ha, I probably would have got the ADAM'S PEANUT BUTTER CUP FUDGE RIPPLE CHEESECAKE or the SNICKERS BAR CHUNKS CHEESECAKE.

happy birthday honey

I read excerpts from this post to Edgar after announcing, "I think I found you your soul mate." He is the Frema and I am the Luke in our relationship. Eat the damn crab leg already, Frema!

Happy Birthday! (I tried to comment last night, but typepad was down)

hey, i'll be 27 this April. 1980 was a good year! :)

ok... Cheesecake Factory... that's Heaven in my book. sure, the dinners are awesome and fantastic. but the desserts? let's just say, if i could eat everything on their dessert menu without affecting my health negatively in any way, i would totally do it. and probably in one sitting.

also... as far as wanting to try to seafood thing but then not really wanting to fork out the money for something you may not like; i would totally suggest a Seafood Buffet. i'm serious. granted, you may have to go to a beachy place to find one (my favorite is in Myrtle Beach, SC), but they are the perfect place to try everything seafood. (and don't worry, they have regular chicken and beef options as well, just in case you don't like the seafood) with the buffet, you just pay one flat charge (usually $15-$20 per person) and everything is at your disposal. and, if you decide you don't like something you chose, you just go get another plate of something else. it's a win-win situation. that's where i got to try swordfish (LOVE IT), shark (not too shabby), and lobster (don't really have a taste for it). i also loaded up on the tuna steaks (fabulous and not at all like canned tuna), shrimp, salmon, and other fish. not to mention the hushpuppies (wondeful fried bits of seasoned dough). so... long story still long, try a Seafood buffet if you can ever get to one.

You have to try the avocado eggrolls (on the appetizer menu) - I promise it is a gateway food to loving avocados. Then you can enjoy the world of guacamole, and then you will thank me. ;)

Oh, and happy birthday!

Chiming in so very late with happy birthday. Although, ahem, 11pm on the 8th with an email could have had me first. No?

Now I need to go back and read your entry...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Hope it was a good one filled with delicious tacos and whatever cheesecake you chose!

I too LOVE Cheesecake Factory - for everything. Their southwestern eggrolls are marvelous. As for Cheesecakes, my favorites have been their famous White Chocolate Raspberry and the chocolate chip cookie dough (how could you go wrong with that?!)

I like bananas, but can't stand anything banana favored (like candy - ick!!!) except banana bread. I remember one day at Maria putting a banana flavored Starburst in my mouth in Dr. Wicks class - I almost gagged and had to walk to the front of the class to throw it out.

And the seafood/fish thing is definitely something I can't eat either - at ALL!

And I thought I was a picky eater. Some of your "won't eats" are my FAVES!! Funny how that happens.

And the banana cheesecake is their best one!! Go for it! (Which I know you did!)

happy belated birthday!

and, i am in awe of your list of 'forbidden' foods...you're killing me! you are now crowned the queen of picky :)

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