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January 05, 2007


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OH hell no you did NOT just leave us hanging like that on TLF. Frema! You bitch. Smack. Oops, sorry, got caught up in the....

David pushed Jenna out of the way and HE is the one who dies. Kayla killed the babies daddy and now both of the chicks are screwed (twice over I guess, gedit...screwed...ladies and gents, she's on a roll).

Your commentary was fabulous, as always. I had no idea Cassie was so.....evil!

Okay first of all, with the "bloody show" I thought someone was about to go into labor. Or Kayla would have a miscarriage. IS THAT GROSS OR WHAT?!

Second of all - did she hit David?? With her eyes shut or something? Surely she hit him. Not sure if he's dead.

David's dead! David's dead! Love it, love it, love it! :)

Wait, is David played by Topher Grace?

(Because he's the only person I've ever written a fan letter to and I was planning to post about that sometime soon. PERFECT!)

Well, I've been reading a bit of Sherlock Holmes lately and the facts are quite elementary by dear Frema. As the pair heard Kayla scream we can only conclude that she had the faculties to scream. The pair heard nothing of David however, whom, if not hit, would have been terrified and yelling or screaming.

Subsequently the only conceivable conclusion is that David was the one struck by the moving horseless carriage, not Kayla.

We'll not get into the trouble of how one could hear a human voice from the inside of a a car moving 80mph away from said voice in a DQ parking lot.

Wow!! I never saw this coming! I agree that she killed David. I can't believe you're going to make us wait a week to find out. I guess Kayla never thought about what it would be like to give birth in jail!

Okay, so... this reminds me of that one Lifetime movie where there's the two military academy cadets and the guy cheats on the girlfriend with some other girl and then the girlfriend is like, "you have to kill her!" and he's like "Okay!" and then they do--like "You have know all of your options!" Ha! I think it had something to do with green sheep though too.

This is hilarious, I can't wait until next week!

Holy Crap! (Have I said that in the last seven TLF entries or what?)


Now nobody gets the baby daddy money. Or, all could be taken care of if your 14 year old mind brings social security checks into the storyline.

Just had to say I'm laughing so hard right now b/c I new the second I read "holy crap" that it was Molly's comment. (I have to come back and read the comments for TLF to see what everyone else thinks. I know, I'm sad.)

Yes, one week off makes it hard to come back to work. But then two weeks maybe be harder. I hope not, for it all begins again on Monday: F=ma,PV = nRT and all the rest such as Q=mcDeltT.

Holy crap, I thought they would find some way to cut the brakes in her car or something, not run her over! That just goes to show what lack of public funding does for schools: no automtive classes.
Also? Cassie must really hate that Jenna.

And I think it was David that got hit. There is no way Jenna could have survived a hit from an 80mph car. David must've shoved her out of the way!

*falling down dead*

How am I going to wait until Friday? It's David, it must be. Orrrr, she missed completely, hit some little old lady or something, or worse a DOG, and the impact makes her fetus die. OR something. I'm just throwing some options out there. It's important that you know them all.

Whatever happened to the Great American Catfight, anyway? Post-natal, of course.

Well shit. It's David. He's either dead or HORRIBLY disfigured. Probably dead though... Hey, when you were leading up to the 80 miles an hour, did anybody else's brain throw a switch and think you were waiting for the Flux Copassitor to kick in? 1.21 Jiggawatts? Anyone? Buhler?

Fabulous commentary as always Frema, and props to an all-star line up. Once I saw the soap star faces, I knew they were bitch enough to do something crazy like this. Hey, also, if David IS dead, he may return in a few episodes as someone else-- perhaps this is where the disfigurement and bandages comes in... I'm onto you.

I'm guessing David was hit as well. But it seems sort of obvious so maybe not. But then you were what, 14? So maybe it is him.

*gasp* It's DAVID! OMG, I can't wait until next Friday. EEEEEE!!!

P.S. I really am 30, but there is a 14 year old girl JUST under the surface...

THE SUSPENSE! David is dead! I just know it! This story sure took an unexpected, bloody turn this past week. I really never knew one could be talked into murder so easily. What useful information. Your commentary was great, especially the one about the Blizzard. Mmmm blizzards.

At least I didn't read this on Friday. Now I'm two days closer to the next installment!

David is so dead. He pushed her out of the way and got hit instead.

Why, oh why, must I be so hooked on TLF?

So....SillyHily is all "YOU DON'T READ TLF???" And I'm all..."ummm....no." And then she was all "OMG....YOU ARE NO LONGER MY BFF." And I was all "okay....okay....I'll start reading and I'll catch up." So that's what I've done.
And OMG!! I love it. (Hello 14 year old girl??!!)
And David is TOTALLY dead.
Thanks for sharing Frema!!!

My wife and I made a joke about 1.21 gigawatts when we were talking about TLF over the weekend! I'm glad we're not the only freaks!

I have no idea what happened, but I am totally in the grips of your amazing storytelling.

Holy crap. (Molly and I are totally going to get along at blogHer!)

David is dead. And so are all of his super sperms. Gasp.

And yeah, when did Cassie turn into such an evil person? Is it because her Mom sleeps around? Where did that all come from?

And now I want a Blizzard.


Wow, Cassie turned from concerned, caring sister to diabolical murder-plotter in about 1 second. Didn't see that coming.

"Don't you want to do it?" is SO Lifetime movie classic. Don't you want to be popular? Then all you have to do is hang this banner off this building. You won't fall! Don't you want to do it? (-- Dying to Belong, my favorite Lifetime movie ever).

And it's totally David that's dead. Everyone knows that the person who screams can't be dead. BTW, I think that One Tree Hill ripped off this plotline from you last season when preggo Haylie got run over by Dante and then Nathan beat Dante to death, but Nathan's dad took the rap for it to make ammends with himself for killing his brother.

AAAAAAh! Why do I read this stuff at night? I know I'm not going to be able to sleep until I find out what happens! (and also I need a Blizzard now...) Yay teen angst!

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