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January 16, 2007


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That's a pretty blingy crown.

Let this be a lesson to never brush your teeth!!

I spent ten minutes trying to figure out what the black thing was at the bottom of my sweater. Then I remembered that typepad is the bomb diggity and opened a larger picture in a new window. (New fangled technology...) It's the handle to the little plastic elephant guy. Problem solved.

I also think you should attach that tooth to a chain and wear it as a necklace. You'd be a new and improved cave woman.

That's all I've got.

Hooray for you and Molly meeting a blogger. (Looks like a fun night!)

Here's to BlogHer 2007!!!!

Oh no, back to the dentist so soon... I am glad that you have posted about the party as I missed hearing about the fun details in person.

I think your new crown should have an embossed "F" on it. Word.

The place you guys went looks like fun!

Can I guess at something? Did you have to look up how to spell Novocaine, and then copy and paste it in your entry? Because I just looked at it and thought, I never could have spelled that if I didn't look it up. Or perhaps you are JUST. THAT. SMART!! ;)

Oh, your poor teeth! My gums tingled just reading about your adventures in the dentist's chair.

Can they give you a prescription for valium or something before you go? That's what my mom has to do for anything more than a cleaning. I too have had a dentist-chair freakout but luckily my father was nearby (I was in college)!

Frema!! Greetings from a long-lost blogger!! I'm back in business and catching up on all of my blog reading while the wee one sleeps.

I was totally going to tell you to string your crown to a chain and wear it as a necklace, but Molly beat me to it, so now I think you should have a contest and offer your crown as the prize (ok, maybe not... but think about it).

Skeeball!! I love Skeeball so much, and love to whoop my husband's butt at it even more!!

Sorry about your dental woes. I had to take my mom to get a root canal last night. What is it about dentists' offices that smell that way? I've been in to see about 4 different dentists in my life, all with that weird novocaine-y, rubbery, spitty smell.

I'm sorry, I'm done!!

At least you don't get hysterical enough to vomit on yourself at a doc-in-the-box when you've snipped into the fleshy part of your finger while trimming shrubs and are bleeding like a stuck pig. That's really embarassing (and smelly, and gross, etc.). Not that I would know or anything...

I'm sorry you had to return to the dentist so quickly after the last episode. Hope you were able to go straight back, so as to avoid the whole "sitting and thinking about it" buildup. Novocaine doesn't help that kind of pain.

You act like Chuck E Cheeze is for kids or something? Is it? Cause I totally run around that place like I own it. And I love me some Wheel of Fortune games so I would have had to ask that lady to go pass out somewhere else. That is, after I had a few drinks myself to have to nerve to tell her to move.

What a terrible dentist ordeal! I hope hope hope that I never have to have anything like that done. I hope your crown turns out to be a more pleasant experience.

I saw 24 on Sunday, but not Monday due to some whacked-out VCR debacle that only recorded the sound and NOT the picture. I totally agree with you, it's JACK people! If the blasted terrorist told him that info, of course he's going to free himself by doing something outlandish and then try to get in touch with CTU. I bet he is so sick of them not listening to him.

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