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January 19, 2007


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1st Post! Yay!

Well, I had no idea that they let people visit you in your cell in Jail!

And kudos to the more popping....I almost let my water break I was laughing so hard!

HAHA! This was one of the best ever! (I may be as mad as Cassie when I say this), but I have a feeling there's about to be some baby stealing going on in Pine Valley.. or wherever the hell:)

Also, I am actually at this moment NOT getting ready for work so I could read this!! (I waited all day-- ALL DAY (said in the same way as DON'T GO!) I love Fridays!!

Tragic ones!!

I'd think given the popping theme that keeps popping up (ha!) Jenna would have dreams about Kayla running after her with a knitting needle rather than pulling out her insides.

It's nice that she'll get to stay with the baby for a year though--daycare is hella expensive for women who work away from the prison cell. Or so I hear.

I totally noticed the same thing Erika did, but I didn't say anything.

I liked the sudden labor/popping - it's so often shown that way on movies/TV, but is so rare in real life. I would think that your water would be more likely to break during a contraction than in between, but I'm not sure. With my first birth, we broke it intentionally, and with my 2nd, my midwife said that it broke just as the baby came out. I had a waterbirth (at home) and certainly wasn't paying attention to things like that by that time, but I guess she was :-)

I love TLF, and especially your commentaries!

Weeee, TLF, TLF, TLF, TLF (chanting while pounding fists on my desk).
I love the fact that the very first contraction sent her to her knees. Either she's a serious wuss or she's in for a long ass labor. I'm not sure about the water breaking during a contraction. Mine broke with Silly Girl right after I got the epidural and with Silly Boy I was induced so my doc broke it first thing that morning. I do know that it really isn't as dramatic as they show it on TV.
Jenna dreams of Kayla pulling her insides out? Oh my goodness, that hurt me. And yes, Michael would win Best Supporting Actor and when he did, he would thank you for writing such a loveable and caring character. Well, that is until we watched the show the following week and Michael is the one who was talked into stealing the baby for Jenna (good call Sant!). I guess he would still be loveable and caring though since he would be doing it all for Jenna.

Last thing, when Michael and Jenna finally do hook up (cause I know it's gonna happen) is she going to pull the "I can't. I'm just not ready. I'm not over David. I look at you and all I see is his face. It wouldn't be right to make love to you and be thinking of David." right as the clothes are on their way to the floor?

My only question is how did the amniotic fluid ooze "through" her legs?

And Kayla could've been charged with 2 counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of attempted murder. In most states, as far along as Jenna was, the fetus was considered a viable human being. See, your 14 year old self knew what you were talkin about.

Could it be possible that I forgot to say something? Yes, it could.

Wouldn't Cassie be better off starting a riot or two and avoiding parole all together. Because if she makes parole after 1.5 years then she has to go to the Sanitariam for 2 years causing her to really serve 3.5 years. But if she doesn't make parole, then she's out in 3 flat. I mean, that's six whole months. Right? Now, I promise I'm done.

Oh, there is DEFINITELY going to be some baby stealing! (Good call, Sant!) Jenna's going to need that baby girl to replace the one she lost, am I right?

All I could think about when Michael kept hugging Kayla was, "Why isn't the guard yelling 'No Touching!'? Is it possible Arrested Development lied to me?"

My question is this: After Michael hooks it up with Jenna and impregnates her (because how could that NOT happen?), is he then going to get in on with Kayla, too? And then will Kayla get pregnant and Michael get killed just to have some new best guy friend jump in so the viscious cycle can repeat over and over? Because that would be fantastic. (Not fantastic for all the dead guys and babies, of course; But really fantastic for TLF.)

All I can think of is "You have a baby. In prison!" a la Reese Witherspoon's baby-in-a-bar comment in Sweet Home Alabama.

Imagine this kid's baby book... First steps, in prison. First birthday, in the prison cafeteria. hehe. Will her first foods be bread and water?

Awesome work, Frema!!

I am not sure if it was your commentary or your adolescent knowledge of criminal law that had me laughing harder.

"But you're still pregnant! So you win!" THAT sent me rolling!

I love to comment after Sant and Silly Hily. They, I think, are your biggest TLF fans (follwed closely by myself,) and their perceptions are a perfect balance of hysterical and insightful.

Also, generally speaking the labor pains were never as bad in my stomach(e) as they were in my lower pelvis and back (God help me). And, I never popped. But I love that all of Pine Valley has.

Where are they from, anyway?

Finally, if either of my kids ever maliciously plow down a pregnant chick or her fiance in front of a Dairy Queen, I am totally going to do my grieving in Florida. If you've gotta grieve, you might as well do it somewhere warm and sunny.

I'm not sure what's more fun...TLF, or the comments that follow.

And by the way, the guy that came over to Young and the Restless from your soap? He is mean and terrible...not liking his character at ALL! Also, he's really familiar...I think he may have played 'LouJack' many years ago on Guiding Light. And yes, I do love my "stories", thanks! :)

When Friday rolls around, I should be thinking, "Yes, two days of non-work and sleeping until noon and eating all the non-microwaveable lunches in the world!" But instead, I have been feeling more, "omg it's TLF yay!"

Can I just say that I love how Cassie turned against Kayla, after Cassie was the one who suggested killing Jenna? I mean, come on. Cassie is so the evil one here. Yes Kayla agreed and YES Kayla was the one who drove the car into David and YES Kayla was the one who had sex with a man who had already impregnated another girl but Cassie was all like, "WELL JENNA DESERVES TO DIE FOR STEALING YOUR BOYFRIEND."

I can't wait until Cassie reenters the scene like "Let's try to kill Jenna again, just for fun, because seriously, you can't fuck up murder TWICE." EVIL!

Were you a big Days fan? Kayla Evans, the picture of Christie Clark...just wondering!

The only "story" I ever REALLY watched? Guiding Light. I can't believe Stacey busted out LouJack! That's awesome. I love these comments.

I love the snarky comments ALMOST as much as I love TLF!!

I think I need a one way ticket to the Sanitarium. I really think you should send this to a producer...this could totally be a movie (or entire series!) on Lifetime!

I hope that is the last time we hear about popping. It makes me shudder.

(Oh, reading the comments just adds to the deliciousness of TLF!)

I didn't think baby stealing until it was brought up here. Could be interesting.

Oh, and I visited a women in jail once (for murder, I KNOW!) and we had to talk through a glass wall. So um, Michael visiting in her cell wouldn't happen. Or maybe that's how they roll in Pine Valley!

Alternate Ending #1:
Oh, and Michael, I forgot to tell you! I'm going to name the baby Catherine Mary! Don't you just love that name?

Alternate Ending #2:
Michael and the guard rush over to Kayla. When the guard grabs her arm to support her, Kayla quickly steps backwards, causing the guard to slip on the water she's spilled on the floor. As the guard falls, Michael grabs the gun from his holster, and then winks at Kayla, who is holding an empty bottle of water with a smirk, looking down at the unconscious guard, a pool of blood mixing with the water around his head.

"See, I told you that sob story would work", says Kayla.

"You really are a genius, babe. I just can't believe that you were able to wear that pillow under your prison clothes for 7 months without anyone noticing!" [a'la Beth from Passions, when she was faking being pregnant so she could steal Gwen's baby and win Louis's love forever]

"Amazing what a few, ahem, favors will get you in a prison, babe. Now let's get out of here -- we have one more stop to make before we hop that private jet to Fiji to live out the rest of our lives together -- we're going to kill that bitch Jenna, once and for all."

Dum dum DUM!

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