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January 18, 2007


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That dish you made looks like something that should be in Good House Keeping!! ;) Wooozers sista! ;) Good job. When I took down my Christmas cards and decorations, our wall in the kitchen looked soooo empty! :(

Frema, your meal looks both pretty and scrumptious.

I want to keep the pirate card, so don't toss that one. It's not a Christmas card, anyway.

I have a hangy-thing with bells on the door to our bathroom that hasn't made it to storage yet. Also, the window-cling snowflakes on our entertainment center's glass are still up from last year! I am the worst!!

Oh, yum! That looks even better than cake :)

That DOES look good, I might be able to manage it!
I think I have a little santa bag on the closet doorknob yet... oh and the lights outside, but it's snowing, so they can stay there!

What a good looking meal. That Luke is one lucky guy! Porjects are good to do. Progress.

Paula Deen's got nothin on you, Frema D.

Also, I see my card! I see my card!

Hey, she took my line, damn it. I was going to say I see Molly's card!

And that pork sure does look good - and healthy. I won't even go into when I made pork last week and was told it was tough.

I, too, LOVE to cook for the reasons you mention. For instance, I just made lasagna last night and was told by 2 people that it was the best they've ever tasted. I was shocked. But pleased!

The corner where our christmas tree stood is now looking very empty. I'm thinking it's time to find a piece of furniture to fill it up. This will drive my husband nuts. :}

Must have details on the dish: spices, times, temps, etc....always looking for new meat recipes to alter the rotation!

Oh yummy. That seriously makes me want to do a roast. They really are SO easy.
Try not to get yourself down about being....down. I think it's still just this time of year. But soon, we'll turn that corner and the days will get longer and the sun will get warmer and Spring will be in the air. Flowers will bloom, birds will chirp. Ah, I can't wait! I really think I have that seasonal depression thing.

That meal looks so good. I might have to try that one sometime. I have a new crock pot recipe "crocking" away at home right now. I can't wait to get home to eat it. Only 7 1/2 hours to go.

Holy cow...that meal looks go good. (And I'm looking at it at 8:00 in the morning!)

I love that picture of your Christmas cards and I love that I can see the one I sent you!! (I have my cards in a pile. I planned on making a spreadsheet of the ones I sent and the ones I received. It hasn't happened yet.)

Refresh, refresh, refresh for TLF. It's 10:52 here. Are you an hour ahead of me? Is it 11:52 where you are? Cause that would be pretty darn close to noon which is when you said you hoped to have TLF up by. Just talked, or typing, out loud. Don't mind me. I'll come back in an hour and check again. :-)

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