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January 25, 2007


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Your desk and office are so orginized - I would be embarrased to show mine...lol... Love that your tree has been up so long!

Do you keep track of blogging in your little appointment book thingy?

Okay, I love how excited you got just talking about your planner. And I love the pen box from your sister. (Because, you DO rule!)

Ah, Mr. Pibb, the poor man's Dr. Pepper.

I need to find ways to make my office more homey and comfortable. I don't even have a window, but my Post-its do have little tools along the top and I have a keen pirate calendar.

I love looking at your work space. It is good to see how others work and where. There is great joy in that pen box. Those gel pens are the best.

Don't let Frema kid you blogging buddies. I am sure that her desk is always organized. Unlike her parents-in-laws, Frema makes the neatest stacks.

I'm jealous! I had a dusty office at my previous job, though no window, and when I came back from a 3-month stint working at home, the office was filled to bursting with all the stuff my boss cleaned out of *his* office. But at least it was an office! I could pump milk for my baby to my heart's content. I could even listen to a little music!

Now I've switched states, and I'm in a dumb cubicle :-( Heaven forbid that I should have to work and pump after my next baby is born. I'm lowest on the totem pole, so even if there was an office, I certainly wouldn't get it. Although maybe my coworkers would vote for me to have it, so they wouldn't have to listen to me blow my nose ALL DAY!

Humble? Compared to my office, that is like the Ritz-Carlton.

I should take pictures because it shows how people in academia are treated, facilities-wise. Well, I should say people in the liberal arts...those bastards in Law, Business or any of the sciences have it pretty good.

Typical occurrence: yesterday, I had a dull pencil that needed sharpening. Oh, there was a box of pencils in the office, but no sharpener.

Also jealous over here. I work in a lab and do the actual lab work, so I'm all over the place. All I get is my own network log-in that saves my windows preferences! Oh to have a desk where I can put a little framed picture up, let alone lots of pens and a bulletin board.

And Mr. Pibb is great. Darn folks at Coca-Cola had to go and change it to "Pibb Extreme", whatever that is supposed to mean.

Oh I have the same passion for pens and post-its. Sure, I lvoe me some Sephora and LUSH but honestly? Nothing does it quite like those aisles of pens and post-its at Staples or Office Max. Be still my heart.

Here is my VERY important advice to you...if you really love those appointment books, go ye to the office supply store and buy fifteen of them. Seriously.

My last year of teaching, I went to the teacher supply store and discovered that they had discontinued MY style of lesson plan book. The book I had been using for seven years. I nearly wept in the aisle. And then I quit teaching a year later. Because of the plan book? Maybe. Just maybe. Nothing was the same after that.

How fun to see your office!!

Your planner rocks, sista.

I just love your office--it's great! My favorite part is the planner. Seriously, I have planner envy. Edgar tried to get me to use this old Palm Pilot he had instead of paper and pen. It's just not the same. I will always be a pen and paper kind of girl...nothing bring me joy like writing down a task in a planner and crossing it off when it's complete. Nothing.

Donna is getting old! You're speal about her almost made me cry sister. :( Your office looks very personalized. I'm glad to know Luke gets the multi-colored post its to brighten your day. It's the little things that really can make a difference!

hey big sister.
i was just skimming through your blog.
that box is so cute that i made.
&& you are so rite about me feeling sad when you left.
i would hide in my room until it was time for you to leave.
i love you though breain.
&& i do think of you.

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