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January 12, 2007


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First off, in the interest of de-lurking, here I am and hello.

Second, and ultimately more importantly, I too hate anything to do with the state licencing of vehicles.

It was actually protracted contact with these most bloated examples of bureaucratic intertia that caused me to ascribe to the belief that the state is not morally defensible.

I don't even want to admit how many hours I spent as a "guest" of IL Sec'y of State Jesse White...and at so many of their facilities. Be it the one in the State of Illinois Building, Midlothian, 95th and King Drive, Chicago Heights, Elston and Grand or Joliet, they all suck...and to comiserate further, I too was numbed actually by the furniture therein.

Stay strong and fight the man at every turn!

Okay I have to be honest,I went straight for chapter 8 and have no clue what happened in the BMV. I was so excited to see you had posted tonight. Well, that is until you torn my heart out. I was in a depressed and crappy mood all day anyhow,(I was one ugly bitch)But now I feel like roadkill. Yes,I feel guilt for thinking David was a jerk,but I didn't know his short but fertile life was about to end in such a violent way.And oh, Cassie can be forgiven? I say let her fry. Kayla too. I actually cried when Jenna was told about the baby. Okay,I gotta get out of the house more. This is alot better than "All My Children" these days.

Oh joy!!!! Sweet Tragic Love Friday Joy!

Best bit of your post was "It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife" because it made me choke on my coffee.

Can I guess what will happen at the end of the book? Erm, Cassie will kill Kayla and chop her up and put her in some barbeque sauce. Oh, no, wait, that was Fried Green Tomatoes. Then I don't know! But I can't wait to find out!

(The author of this post apologizes for flagrant overuse of exclamation points!)

I guess I should have forseen the loss of the baby. This is great entertainment :-)

"The bulge I had loved to touch so much was gone.
[There is a double entendre here somewhere, itching to break the surface, but I'll refrain out of respect for the dead.]"


"She hadn't been punished enough."
Oh SNAP. Jenna said revenge is a bitch.....bitch.

Tragic Love Friday doesn't get any more tragic than this. "She was killed instantly." and David? "He was also killed instantly." and Cassie and Kayla?!? "They were also killed instantly..." Ok doc, now you're just yankin my chain. (I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself).

Well, as tragic as it is, I have to believe that at least one of David's spawn will make it through gestation. So here's hoping that David Jr, aka, "jail baby", will not only live, but that he will also not be the kidnapping, etc, etc, target of one pissed off Jenna.

PS-- Where the hell is Michael during all of this??? Some best friend (code for, you're missing your window of opportunity, pal).

David, I could have guessed. Not too often you are plowed by a car going 80 mph, thrown into a DQ parking lot (the irony of dying on the blacktop of your employment competitor) and live to tell about it.

The little baby? So so sad. I did find it interesting that she popped though. At the end of each of my pregnancies I felt as though I could have popped. Of course, knowing what I know now (can I possibly fit any more know/now combinations in that sentence? now?) babies don't pop very often.

Get er Jenna!

Oooooh, Kayla's in trooouuuble... But hey now, this is all psycho Cassie's mastermind idea, she can't be let off the hook just because she's batshit crazy!

"Cassie I could understand and forgive. She had tried to save her brother, tried to protect him by trying to kill me."

Wait...what? That makes it forgivable that Cassie tried to kill you? Jenna, Jenna, Jenna...

I don't think I've commented on TLF before, but I have been tuning in every week on the edge of my seat just the same. Can't wait until next friday!!

scintillating, as usual!!

I agree. At least Kayla had "heat of passion" going for her. Cassie? She's a cold blooded manipulator. I'm not sure why she had it in for Jenna, but I suspect there's more of a history between them than we know. I just don't think sibling protectiveness (of you're brother's inability to manage his women) is strong enough to kill over...unless maybe you're in the Mob. Is Cassie in the Mob?

Also? I'm having a very Frema week. I actually went to the gym in the MORNING yesterday (for the first time in about a year), with the distinct thought in my head that if Frema could get her butt out of bed to climb on a treadmill or whatever at an obscene hour, I could get my butt to a spin class at an obscene hour. And it was really obscene. Rude. *Offensive.* It was dark out!

And I came out of the gym afterwards all excited, thinking I was in for a TLF treat - when I realized - it was only Thursday.

Look at me totally turning your comments into a little message board/chat room:

Code for sure. And good point. Where IS Michael?

Well...I think I'm going to hell. When I read the line "It felt like my insides were oozing out of me," I kinda snickered and imagined placenta all over the road. Yep. I'm going to hell.

And how on earth do you forgive Cassie but not Kayla. I think you could either forgive both, or forgive neither, but half-ass it by letting one off the hook. Does she realize it was Cassie's idea to begin with? Sure, let me forgive the person whose idea it was to send me to the puffy place in the sky. But the unstable girl that was influenced by her should rot in hell...that doesn't float...of course I don't know what the mental functions of a teenage girl who just had a miscarriage and a boyfriend killed are really like. So I'll shut up now.

On a side note, BMV does blow chunks. Every time I have to go there I think about Patti and Selma Bouvier

Oh my gosh, you guys crack me up. When I wrote the story, it totally made sense to me that Cassie would be so angry. After all, she thought Jenna was ruining David's life! Also, David and Kayla were together for almost two years and Kayla managed to keep her legs closed, so maybe Cassie thought she was the better choice.

Also, I didn't realize until it was pointed out that Michael's missing out on some serious bereavement sex. Apparently I have trouble writing for more than one or two characters at a time?

Oooh, Cassie is going to double-cross Jenna after they become BFFs, right? Wait, don't tell me! Jenna has already forgiven Cassie? for trying to kill her? because she was trying to protect her brother? Yikes, teenage hormones are crazy-wack.

I do like the fact that both the baby and David "died instantly", or perhaps more appropriately, put out of their misery.

Oh, and 53 more pages? Wonderful!

Oh, yes I care about the BMV problem. This probably of little help. They are much better than they were in the past. Much faster. Wow ... does that help?

I think I may have to catch up on something...

All I ask is that you to post pictures of you smashing the BMV's receptionist's head onto the countertop.

Random: I watched "The Way We Were" tonight for the first time and Katie (in the beginning) totally reminded me of you. I hope you take that as a compliment cuz I mean it as one. :)

As if I weren't addicted enough before, I can't even imagine where your teenage mind took it from here! Oh, and BTW, I am so addicted to this story that when my boyfriend sees me on his computer on Saturday mornings, he always asks if I'm reading "that story that one girl wrote in high school." He's not really into details, you know. :)

Love it!

Oh for fecks sakes...where are my Depends? I really could have used them while reading this. I feel bad for laughing while readind about a baby dying. I am going straight to hell.

The car hit both of them? And David still had time to push her out of the way and get tossed into the DQ parking lot? What am I missing teenage Frema???

Erika: Jenna wasn't hit by the car; her injuries were sustained from David's pushing her out of the way. Apparently falling onto pavement causes cracked ribs. (Frema, M.D. was a genius!)

My Dad had some cracked ribs from a horse accident a few years. So yeah, it's a real thing.

HER BELLY POPPED? That is wrong. Just wrong. (And also, a real fear I had when pregnant!)

I did NOT see the demise of Mary Katherine. Teenage Frema, you are cold for killing off the unborn love child.

And she can forgive Cassie mere days after she tried to kill her? Damn, this girl has found Jesus. I, for one, would never forgive her. I'm just sayin...


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