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January 26, 2007


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Hmm, while I do believe in forgiveness, I think that in the spirit of TLF, she can NOT be redeemed in my eyes :-)
And every time I read TLF, I need a Blizzard. I got one last week, but it was semi-nasty. I guess I'll just have to keep trying until I get one I really like!

"Even during the time I hated her, I'd missed our closeness. And so I had figured I would brutally murder her and then her happy spirit would be with me always. That backfired."

Also, funny that she didn't mention the baby was named after Jenna's. Baby name thunderjacker.

Are we going to here more about crazy-ass Cassie? I miss that little whack job.

Ugh, if I was Jenna I would not be forgiving Kayla. She's probably just plotting that whole baby stealing thing!

Donna Martin WAS dumb. Remember.
I can't believe she said "in honor of you dead half-sister." Kayla is such a hussy. May I use the word hussy? Is that okay with everyone.
Welcome to the world Katherine. These are prison bars. That nasty thing over there is the toilet. The woman across the hall from us? Stay away from her, she spits.
See, if Jenna's smart, she'll act like she forgives Kayla and go visit her in prison and wear some sort of hidden camera thing and take pictures to sell to Star Magazine of the "Woman who killed my baby daddy, my baby, and stole my baby's name." Then the women in prison would get wind of what Kayla did and well, we all know how criminals feel about people who harm children, don't we? Now THAT would be revenge.

I think Jenna is secretly pleased that Mr. Fries-With-That is out of the picture. In fact, we will learn shortly that she is a consummmate con artist and her whole pregnancy was fake, designed to rope Jason in and bleed him dry. But then when she realized she was lighting Michael's fire, too, she started plotting with Cassie to get Jason out of the picture. (Because Cassie wasn't a real sibling, she was adopted.) Cue the crocodile tears to lure Mike in further; the phone call to get Kayla's sympathy. Soon she'll reveal all to Kayla and the three of them will use Kayla's prison connections to find additional marks.

DAMMIT!! I don't have time to leave a real comment right now because I have to go to work!!!! I just wanted you to know that this day was not forgotten, nono. TLF. I'll be back.


And that bitch took the NAME?? Oh hell naw!

"In honor of your dead half sister"...NOOOO!

There can be NO redemption for Kayla...she is a looney-tune. I think they may have given her a little too much Stadol in the prison hospital.

And I am so with Katie, first commenter. I really crave a Blizzard every time I read TLF. :)

"I'll name you Katherine in honor of your dead half-sister." HOLY CRAP!

I love how Kayla has the baby and oops, forgets that she killed the baby daddy and (only sort of) forgets that she killed the baby half-sister. Niiiiice Kayla.

Sorry Bree. She's not one of my favorites. Not in my top five. Not even ten. Bioootch!

I hope Jenna steals her. Mwahahaha

Phew, I thought it was just going to be the Office post today!

I loved all your commenting along the way. Too funny!

That whole phone conversationg smacked of "I'm going to steal your baby". Jenna was probably choking back rage, not tears. Watch out Kayla, your happy prison la-la land is in for a rude awakening.

Kayla may be OK now, but once she snaps out of this "new baby" delerious phase (or once they take the kid away and give her to Kayla's estranged parents -also, what up with that?!), she is going to be very depressed.

So her parents agreed to raise the baby after the first year, but have cut off all contact? How did they tell Kayla this?

Ummm...apparently I have forgotten that you were only 14. And for 14 it's a fantastic story. Did you win all sorts of creative writing awards as a kid? If not, you should have.

I swear, the first time I read "dead half sister" I thought it said "half dead sister" - now THAT would be interesting...kind of a zombie TLF...whaddya think? :) (and my boyfriend says that he doesn't think guys read your blog, and then I remind him that HE reads it with me!) :)

Whew! Now I'm back for real (and I'm so happy that you haven't posted something new before I could comment on TLF)!!

Okay, where to begin? Um, I don't know... How about KAYLA!! I think she's been taking Cassie's crazy pills. The hormones must have her all jacked up. First off, you CANNOT man-slay your baby's half sister and then steal her name. Shameful. 100 other ways to honor the lives you ruined-- plant a tree (or a forest, you bitch!), make a donation to a local charity (like the Ronald McDonald House) for David. SOMETHING besides the crazy ass rampage she's on right now.

I believe, in all seriousness, that Katherine (sans Mary) will be kidnapped in the near future. I could see the foreshadowing all OVER the place! For instance-- Michael:"I'll be waiting right over here (with a duffel bag)" or how about Kayla's missing parents? I somehow believe that if jail baby is not stolen, then at least Kayla will feel she will be making ammends with her bosom buddy Jenna if she allows HER to raise the baby... something like that... I haven't had time to type up my dissertation on it yet.

Brilliant as always Frema-- I can't wait for the next installment!

"G-go to Jenna and k-keep her com-p-p-any."
it sounds like she is dying here, i just love it!

This story is so great and it just keeps getting better. I just don't know if Jenna should forgive Kayla. What Jenna did was pretty bad, but in fiction (and I suppose in real life too) there is always room to forgive.

Your commentary makes me LOL all the time. LOVE IT!

Why don't more people comment on Michael?

"Just relax" and "Huh? oh sure" -- how knowedgeable your 14 year old self was of man talk!

What is he doing spending so much time with Kayla? Is he in on Jenna's baby snatching scheme (which we ALL know is just around the corner)? Is he going to impregnate Jenna and then impregnate Kayla and then both the girls will be like "DAMN IT, IT HAPPENED AGAIN"?

Can't wait for next week!

The best comment award for the week....I give to....Adina! (Because this is totally my blog to hand out awards like this and all.)
That was hilarious! Impregnate both girls and then be all "DAMN IT, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!" Haaaaa.

(I'm with Hily...I loved the "IT HAPPENED AGAIN!")

Jenna is retarded.

That is all.

OMG, I can't believe she really named the baby Katherine! I was totally kidding about that in my last comment, because really? What could be the final stab in your friend's back, after you've killed her unborn baby? Steal her baby's name.

baby snatching is totally on the menu.

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