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January 31, 2007


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Wahoo! Wednesday is so much more fun sounding than Weight Loss Wednesday. I love it! Congrats on the weight loss!

And I, for one, love your babymaking plan/schedule/etc. Sounds to me like you two have given it a lot of thought and are making really good decisions about the whole thing. You and Luke are going to be awesome parents.

Regarding your ducks: Bah on those naysayers. There is nothing wrong with getting things in order - then, when you do have your baby you can enjoy him/her instead of worrying about other things. Take it from me, it's worth getting your "ducks in a row". It irritates me when people say how "lucky" I am to stay home with my son. But we planned this! And worked hard toward this. Luck? Whatever.

Anyway good luck and congrats on the weight loss! Another great thing to do before trying to start a family. Go you!

Frema, doll, you wait as long as you feel necessary.

I don't have even have a clock and I've officially found myself in old-maid-dom...and I'm loving it. :) The naysayers, well, they can bite us.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KILLED DIXIE! I am so, so not happy about that - just when they were teasing us with getting her and Tad back together! GAH! I was holding out hope until they started in with the group flashbacks - when they got to wedding clips, I knew she was a goner. And, also, glad she finally clued in to the fact that Kathy = Kate, something the ENTIRE viewing audience probably figured out within 10 minutes of her appearing on camera over Christmas. And, if you didn't get it then, the reappearance of the Christmas Priest being all, "Chicken fingers are her favorite food!" totally drove it home. (I know his name is Father Clarence, but I just call him the Christmas Priest - dude gets like 3 episodes every year, and they're always over Christmas.)

We wanted our "ducks in a row" before we started trying for a baby, and although we rearranged our row after I got pregnant, it set my mind so much at ease. I always looked at it as: right now things are constant, predictable, so it's the perfect time to pin down these options/tasks...everyone is FULLY aware that after the baby comes things are totally up in the air, and who wants to say "I wish I had..."?

Aww don't worry, friend...babies do just fine in dresser drawers. It's not like you wouldn't give him/her a BLANKET for crap's sakes...

Congrats on the big loss!! And thanks for your help. :o)

I would like for you to line those ducks up and then go tell them to attack anyone wishing to get all up in your business. Everything is different for everyone: marriage, jobs, insurance, finances, working, not working, having babies right away, waiting, etc. etc. etc. You and Luke are the only two in this A,B conversation. Tell the others they can "C" their way out. (snort snort)

Dude, how many times is Dixie going to leave the show?! Not to correct you, but didn't Dixie get injured in a car crash. Maria was the one injured in the plane crash. I know, I've been watching waaaayyyy too long, for like over 15 years, and I'm 27.
Oh, and good luck on the babies and the ducks.

Woah, congrats on the weight loss!!

And good luck with your house-buying, baby-making plans :)

Congrats on the weight loss!

Wait, your YMCA is only $69/month and NO REGISTRATION FEES? our is $75 registration and $78/month for family. I need to protest.

I was 31 and 33 when I had my kids. I wouldn't have done it a day sooner. Ignore naysayers. They have no business in your life. You only need me. O.k., and Molly.

I don't think you sound naive anywhere in your blog. You sound very thoughtful and practical about making things work.

I wouldn't mind sleeping in a dresser drawer if my mom made me giggle every day. You've got that in the bag.

The thing about ducks (or seventh grade science students), once you have them all lined up, they all decide to scatter.

No matter what the plans are or when you have babies, any baby born to you and Luke will have two loving parents...not to mention four rather nice grandparents and fine aunts and uncles.

I would venture to say that all of your readers think that you are wise and not naive by considering your options.

I love that Silly Hily snorted up there.

That's all.


First, congrats on the weight loss! Second, I am so with you on waiting until you are ready enough to have kids. There is NOTHING wrong with that. Once you have kids it's never the same again. Maybe this is selfish, but I'd like to buy nice furniture and travel a little bit before I have kids. Once I have a baby, furniture is not going to be high on the priority list, so I better have some that I'd be happy with for a good number of years. Oh yeah, marriage would be ideal too...yeah, that too. :-)

I'm so sorry to learn about your tooth! I can truy say I know the angst of having a bad tooth and I feel you on the time, pain and money that goes into getting it fixed. Dan and I just paid off the $333.33 a month bill for my mouth work...that was a 12 month bill too! Keep me posted on your tooth. As far as the babies, when God wants you to have your angels, you'll get 'em. ;)

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