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January 11, 2007


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snort, snort...
"Your mom." Luke rocks!
The crust is my favorite part of chicken pot pies. With that said though, I don't like pies, like, as a dessert. I'm totally just as weird as you are with food.

Love it! The burrito/taco converstaion sounds very similar to an argument I once had with someone over the difference between a burrito and a soft taco.

Me: What's the difference? They're both in a soft tortilla; one's folded and one's rolled. Do we really need a seperate menu item for a folded burrito?
Someone: Soft tacos have beef; burritos have beans.
Me: Umm...hello? BEEF Burrito.
Someone: Oh. You're right. There is no such thing as a soft taco. It's all just a burrito. You are the smartest, prettiest girl in the whole world.

Okay maybe I made that last part up. But the rest of the conversation definitely happened exactly like that.

You don't even like crust? No one objects to crust! ;)

(Actually, you're lucky. Pastry dough is a swift way to pad the thighs. I wish I didn't like it.)

Ha ha ha, lmao at that conversation!!

I posted on my blog about some food I'm craving. But given your tastes, it might make you sick, tee hee!

Is it Friday yet is it Friday yet is it Friday yet?????

That was such a cute and funny conversation. I love "your mom."

This is classic.

(and if you ever come to Seattle to visit I'm totally making you a quiche. It's what my Mom always made when she had her lady friends over for lunch. So good. Seriously!)

(except if you don't like eggs.)


I wondered about the pot pie dislike as well. You like pie, and you like stew. As Luke says, pot pies are stew in a crust. Oh well, we love you.

I am trying to think of things that Luke does not like to eat. He used to dislike tuna casserole. Maybe he hates Brussel Sprouts, but doesn't everybody hate Brussel Sprouts.

I still don't like tuna cassole. I will eat it now, mostly due to it's ease in preparation and thifty nature, but I still don't like it.

You guys crack me up. (Just like your mom cracks me up.)

I love tuna casserole AND brussel sprouts. Mmmm steeeeamed brussel sprouts. Also practically the only vegetable that has a somewhat substantial calorie count. It figures.

I have to agree, the crust is my favorite part of a pot pie, but i only like those Swanson ones that you can get really cheap at the store ocassionally.
My cousin loves brussels sprouts.

And I have to wonder at the point of eating stuff because it's cheap, even though you don't like it. Is it worth it? teehee

Yes, the crust is the best part of pot pie. The crust of bread is the best part of the bread, but some people we know have never eaten the crust. They just don't. All that is OK because we eat to live and don't live to eat, most of the time. Except when it feels right.

Sorry I'm chiming in late. But you were indeed right...burritos in general have beans. And are bigger. (Like the steak one I had a little while ago - so much for making Molly have to pay up on my account, huh?) That is what differentiates them from tacos. And authentic tacos from Mexico do not have lettuce and tomatoes, like burritos do.

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