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January 03, 2007


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I have tried and failed many times to develop a relationship with the gym, but it just never sticks. My husband and I have fallen into this routine of going for a brisk, one hour walk on Sat and Sun mornings. It's not much, but we genuinely enjoy walking around the city and having the time to talk and enjoy each other's company. Maybe if we could put two elliptical machines outdoors, next to each other...

Get through it one day at a time. I'm going this afternoon for the first time since like, a week before Christmas. And I don't want to. But I know I must.
I also signed up yesterday (again) for Weight Watchers Online, because I lost almost forty pounds with it before, and I have to have some form of control or I'll go wild.
Lotta's got a group started which I'm hoping will inspire me. Even if you don't have a lot to lose, it will feel good to be on track with other people!

Bahhhh! I am completely and undeniably claiming the blame for the stomach flu (does that mean I get to take the weight loss, too?) I'm so sorry you unknowingly joined our house in the depths of Throw-up Hell. My heart goes out to you.

Like I told Lost A Sock, this stomach flu must be sweeping the nation! I too was excited about the prospect of some "easy" weight loss, but I am now feeling better and have been more than making up for it. Good luck!

Hey sister! ;) The New Year is a perfect time to set new goals. Maybe you can set a time for just twice a week to start for the gym so you don't feel overwhelmed. As far as eating, I liked to snack way too much and have been doing that over the holidays. What I'm doing now and what I've done in the past to control it, is not to eat after a certain time, say 8:00p.m. It's really hard the first few days, but that prevented me going to bed with a full stomach. Pretty soon I won't even think about eating/snacking at night. The results are groovy! ;) In any case, best wishes to you. YOU LOOK GREAT! ;)

I hope that you are feeling better now. Going to exercise classes worked for me. Belonging to a group encouraged commitment on my part. If we did not go to class, it was like letting not only ourselves down but failing our classmates as well. Anyway this is a new year, and you can have new start. Take care.

Don't give up. Can you walk during your lunch break perhaps? I do this sometimes and it really helps me clear my head while simultaneously burning some calories.

You got to go to Jack's birthday party and witness all of his cuteness in person? :-( Tear.
Although I guess it's a good thing I'm a few thousand miles away or else I would totally be hanging over the toilet right now.

It's hard to stick with regular exercise when you have very limited free time. I understand completely.

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