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January 17, 2007


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That Potbelly's roast beef sandwich is heaven on a bun. I like to get them at O'hare Airport just before getting on the plane and make all my seatmates drool.

Unless the Y has an "initiation fee" that you don't want to pay twice, I say lose it. You can always get it again later. I'm all about positive reinforcement these days, not setting ourselves up for feeling bad.

Join the parks!

Also, consider buying a couple of cheapie bikes for when the days get longer. Then you can be outside and frisky and still hang out together. Vaguely Urban has a fun post about getting bikes with her husband last summer. They've been everywhere on them.


I'm curious, in checking for typos were you generally concerned with spelling, or slips of the tongue, or rogue, commas, everywhere? If you were more spelling oriented then I suggest making the move (if you haven't already) to Firefox 2.0 (getfirefox.com)...it has a built in spell checker that works swimmingly!

As I read your paragraph about Bennigan's having the best spinach dip ever I thought to myself, "Hmmm. We got that Bennigan's gift card for Christmas, and we don't really like Bennigan's. But maybe we can use the gift card for spinach dip. Yes. That is what we will do, because that sounds delicious."

And then I read the next paragraph and my heart broke right along with yours.

"The SexyBack giveth, and the SexyBack taketh away."


See, miracles do happen. You are proof of the Messiah. Or ARE you the Messiah? I'm not sure which, but damn girl, that is some sweet weight loss!

Sucks about the dip. How could they take away one of life's most perfect pleasures just like that? Maybe you could perform another miracle...

The SexyBack giveth, and the SexyBack taketh away. OH my God that was the funniest damn thing! You crack me up.

Hooray for you and your loss! (That could be incorrectly applied in all sorts of other scenarios. I'm doubting Hallmark will come out with that card any time soon.) You did it for the Heifers, as they're saying.


That Y problem is a hard one. The end of the work day has little energy left. To have the goal to go during the week each or every other day has been very hard.

How about this kind of weekly timing. Try to go one night during the the week, like Wed. and when possible Sat. and or Sun. I vote for a trial of going when possible.

Frema, dude, seriously.

I had a local gym membership for a while and hated having to leave home, go somewhere, probably wait for a machine and have the potential of seeing people I went to high school with. So I quit. But now, I run...outside. Well, not now when it's all below freezing and such, but most of the year, it's just me and my sneakers. Up until then, I never ran unless being chased. So really, all this babbling is to tell you to do what works for YOU!!!

As one who has never had a gym membership (certainly not because I don't need it!!) I'm not sure if I'm qualified to answer, and to be honest I'm not sure how I feel. But the bottom line is money getting wasted, if this isn't motivation enough to go to the gym than I say cancel, and do the park pass. Save $ for shoes!

Congrats on the weight loss - I'm sort of doing the "at home version" of your Weight Loss Wednesdays - I've got about 20 lbs to lose thanks to the excitement and happiness of finding my soulmate (I guess it's better to be fat and happy than fat and sad!)
Re: the Y and such...not sure how big your apartment is, but have you thought about going to a second sports equipment store and looking at treadmills or like? They're pretty cheap and some can fit in a pretty small area. That way, you can exercise, save $$ by quitting the Y, AND get a State Park Membership! The best of ALL worlds! (or at least that's how it works out in my head!)

Loose the Y....join the Park
Ride bikes!!! I have one hanging in the barn I will sell ya..CHEAP......haven't road it since 1994....the last time we went camping and it only has 489 orginal miles on it....

Even better than two bikes, get a tandem. Because laughing is as good a cardiovascular workout as anything.

Your Y membership reminds me of this time I felt I should become better informed and subscribed to the Chicago Tribune. Each day I'd set it aside till I had time to read the whole thing (or any of it, eventually), until I had about seventy papers piled up, still in their little blue dew bags. I felt so guilty and wasteful. And so I figured it was just better to quit and feel blissful in my ignorance - and it totally was.

(N.b. They made it really hard to quit. When I called they were all challenging - "But WHY?" Finally I lied and said I was getting married and my fiance already got the paper.)

No dip? I would die.

And quit the gym and get a pass for the NP. Go for it.

(and you like the outdoors? Why do I hate it so? What is wrong with me?)

I was thinking more along the lines of a shitty ending to a shitty day but that's just me. :-)

As for the Y. Exercising has to be something you love to do. We are all way to busy to make time for something that we don't really enjoy but know we need. So, you have to find something that you LOVE because then it becomes a priority and you actually look forward to doing it instead of dreading it. With that said and what you stated above, I would say lose the Y and do the state park.

Or, do you and Luke get off work at the same time? If so, meet at the Y as soon as you leave work. Because if you are not going to go in the morning, then there is no way you are going to go once you get home, get comfy, and eat dinner. It's must easier to just keep going during your day than to go, stop, and and then go again.

Definitely ditch the Y--you've given it a good effort and maybe that type of exercise just isn't what's right for you! I think if you guys really enjoy hiking and biking you're far more likely to actually do it. And enjoy the great outdoors at the same time!

Good luck with the decision :)

We have the family Y membership too. $75/month. If I had to exercise in the a.m., I'd never use it. I go right after work during tax season. It is harder to make myself go on normal nights since I dont' go until the kids are in bed and by then, I want to go to bed too. But we keep the membership anyway for the stuff for the kids - Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, the pool in the summer, etc. I don't know if we would keep it without our kiddos.

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