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February 13, 2007


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I am totally totally totally stuck on the TV show House, MD these days - Hugh Laurie is way yummy! I'm halfway through the second season right now. Also, you might want to check out "Thank You for Smoking" - I didn't think I would like it, but it turned out to be really good!

And remember - you can return your movies to the store for a free movie to get you through until another one comes in the mail! What could be more perfect??!!

Oh, and I am totally jealous that you're staying at home - I live so close to work, I have no excuse!!!

A couple of things. First, good job on the getting back to the budgeting basics. There are months where we are fantastic at it...and other months, well, we won't talk about those.

Second, Chris is fascinated by Big Love as well. Have you seen it at all yet? Or just have the first disc ordered? I was asked if I'd want a second or third wife, and my response was one wife gives me more trouble than I can handle as it is. Forget another wife....a mistress on the other hand..... :) j/k

Finally, I suggest catching up on some of the Classics, though my wife will disagree. I suggest Cassablanca, Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, ect. Lets face it, you just don't SEE those movies when you're at the Video store. Also have to second Jessi's call on Thank You For Smoking. Great movie.

Good luck on the finances :-) My husband decided to randomly quit his job, move 1500 miles away, and start a new job*. If the new job works out, we'll follow him in a few months. So anyway, in order to make this crazy plan work financially, our household budget (everything outside of bills) is restricted to $125 per week, yikes! I have no idea if we can restrict ourselves to that.

*Husband is a truck driver right now, so we only see him 2 days every 2 weeks. So him moving without us is really not that different than what we do now. He'll drive or fly to see us occasionally, and we'll probably see him on average as many days per month as we do now. Also, his food budget is not part of our $125/week - thank goodness, because eating on the road can get expensive.

At least the snow and the fact of being salaried has given me a full-day's pay despite the office being closed at noon.

She-Ra had best be at the bottom of the queue. That's all I'm saying about that. As for Thank You For Smoking, I want to read the book first.

The 1st season of Rome on DVD is an absolute must. Seriously. This show is phenominal. I can't even begin to tell you how good it is. Entourage is pretty stinkin' good, too. (In case you can't tell, I am in love with HBO shows on DVD since we can't afford to actually have HBO on our tv.)

I'm sitting in my little office in St. Louis literally counting down the minutes until our office closes - only nine left - because of this "unseasonable" storm. What? It's winter. There's snow, people. Deal. The city has totally stopped because of what looks like two inches of snow. Whatever.

I agree with Audrey. Anything and everything from HBO is fantastic - Rome, Entourage (although I *heart* Jeremy Piven), Sopranos, Deadwood, Big Love, Six Feet Under. (OK, hated Lucky Louie) HBO on Sunday night is the only time Mike and I watch TV together.

Good luck with finances. I'm absolutely budget-impared.

Three more minutes until we're "dismissed"... Stay warm!

You need to add "Snow Day" to your list. What's not to love about Chris Elliott and Chevy Chase in the same movie? Yes, it's fluff, but fluff definitely has its place in the world.

Sign me green with envy over your snow.

I got the She-Ra DVDs for Christmas! They're so cheese-a-riffic it's not even funny....

We really got into watching "Smallville" rented through Blockbuster Online, so if you haven't checked it out, it's really good. :)

You know, when DH and I began the whole house-buying odyssey, we had enough saved to put a 10% down payment on a house, but then we crunched numbers with our lender, and it turned out that the 10% down payment we'd put back would have only lowered our payment $75 a month. So, we did 100% financing instead (with a 75/25 loan to avoid having to pay PMI) and are buying furniture , painting, and paying movers with what we'd saved. For us, having that extra money for when the move actually happens (FRIDAY, finally) was more important than saving $75 a month, because inevitably you're going to want to buy stuff for the house and paint. But, that's what worked for us. :)

Wheee! Pregnancy books! How I loved that collection, so so dearly. (And oddly enough, how I am every ounce as happy to be rid of them. Fo-evuh.)

I'm so glad you took a day today. What a crappy day to be stuck in traffic.

Also, I think you inspired me to join the Blockbuster thing. I had no idea it was $10 - and with the $12 we pay in late fees per movie, that really works out...

She-Ra!!!?? You have got to be kidding me. Tell me you aren't kidding? Words can't express how excited that makes me. I freakin' loved She-Ra! Now, if they'll only put Jem on DVD.

I couldn't tell you when the last time I watched a movie was. A new movie that is. If you haven't seen White Chicks yet, you need to rent it. Simply for the "Your Mom" part.

And the budget? Just keep steppin' girl. Nothing you can do about it now, other than get back on track. I have to do the same thing.

Might I suggest "House of Sand and Fog"? I read the book a few years ago. I just recently borrowed it from the library (I love our library system, much better deal than blockbuster or netflix) and it was really good.

So .... are you serious about applying to DOND?

Snow day: a time to get something done or not. A time for thought and in doors catch up activities. The time could really be of use.

You might like Lady in the Water.

Big Love is awesome. Plan to rent every DVD of the first season set, though, because you'll get hooked right away.

I second (third, fourth, fifth) the HBO comments. My squeeze just hooked us up with Netflix and we're working our way through the Sopranos, which I like better than I thought I would. Can you believe he's never seen 24? So those'll be next.

But my favorite movie of all time: Amelie.

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