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February 24, 2007


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Free things? I am all about the free stuff, which is why I sign up for every b-day club and rewards points club I can find. Which also gets me my fair share of spam.

Good luck with the teaching and enjoy the conference. Teaching and conferences are two big parts of my life too.

I understand the worry about teaching. I am in the midst of my first real teaching assignment as a teaching assistant. It is a topic that I know well (Imperial Russia, 1801-1917), but it is another world trying to make this long dead world come alive for undergrads. I think I am doing O.K., but one of my sections is just horrible. They just don't care...and they are History majors.

Oh, and feel free to use my blog as an example of what not to do...or as an exemplar of the sort of curmudgeonly rambling that marks the nadir of the form.

You are so going to be my all-knowing blogging hero by the time the semester rolls around. Teach me too!!

I *strongly* recommend the book Naked Conversations. It's about corporate/professional blogging, but the ideas translate to personal bloggers too. And since your perspective, at least here, is focused on the personal, it would be a nice balance.

Teaching is so much "fun". Yes, I mean that in a positive way. You like it alot. College teaching with people who want to learn is going to be the best intellectual action around.

daddy d [My HP laptop died, for now.]

Hmmm, I knew it; the Communists are responsible. The Communists must have broke in our home and broke OUR laptop too. Then, the evil ones signed under my name, mjd. Oh I see, it is Daddy D, and he always claims that he is a Democrat.

Teaching the blogging course should be great, and your faithful readers will learn some things too.

You're gonna rock the school house!!

(although "school house" probably isn't the best term for Saint Joe).

Good luck with teaching the class. Not only could I not teach worth a crap, but I'm so technically challenged it's really not funny!

You are going to know things I only wish I knew. I can't wait to follow you on this teaching journey.

Luke--are you part of the Cold Stone Creamery birthday club? It's the best one ever. If you aren't part of it, you aren't really living. You too Mrs. Frema, you better join too. I am demanding it!

bree just checking out your blog. i love you , you go my girl. yeah

your dad,


Okay, your Dad rocks.

And also, I recently found technorati and also love it.

Although I don't know what a widget is. Maybe I should be taking your class!

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